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As a leading staffing and recruiting company, we entirely understand that acquisition of the right talent is the stepping stone for the success of any organization. For this reason,we offer integrated talent acquisition services that help in sourcing the best candidates from all over the globe.
We use our network, experience, and first-hand knowledge to enable organizations to find the right candidates for a designated role. Regardless of whether you are trying to fill a vacant position or if you are trying to find a replacement, you can trust our staffing and recruiting services to source, access, and hire the best candidate for you.
  • A network of qualified candidates
  • Recruitment on productivity
  • High-quality solutions
  • Experts in placing technical talent

Our Range of Staffing & Recruiting Services

Besides helping you hire dedicated developers, we also help in assembling a committed and skilled project team featuring the following roles:


Business Analysts

The business analysts work to apply data solutions to the project goals and the business needs.


QA Engineer

The QA Engineer performs testing all through the project for ensuring high quality and maximum functionality of the interface


Project Manager

Project managers define project goals, managing budget, and deliverables while ensuring satisfaction


Skilled IT Developers

Work with certified and skilled engineers to develop high-quality software

Scalable and High-performance

UI/UX Designers

We also help in recruiting the UI/UX designers who can help in creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface that meets the needs of a business perfectly.

IT Staff Augmentation For Maximum Productivity

Our experts come with a functional skill set that enables us to bridge the gap between business needs and technological manpower. We follow IT staff augmentation to attract top-notch talent with a wide experience, great motivation, and an integrated strategy made specially to apply expertise to a project.

Almost frequently, IT companies have a need to hire dedicated developers or professional engineers in a team with the right experience and skills for matching the culture. This helps in having complete control of the remote software and gives the same benefits as an in house unit. Following the staff augmentation model, we attract a pool of technological talent minimal to the decreased expense and cultural gaps.

Scalable and High-performance

Selecting Right Staff for You

Defining Jobs Precisely

For defining the jobs clearly and precisely, we define the crucial tasks of the job while writing descriptions essential for those tasks. Additionally, deciding how well the tasks must be performed, the level of performance expected is also mentioned.

Assessing Candidates

We are prompt in planning ahead with a set of important questions that help in assessing the candidates correctly. With a detailed list of important tasks and selection criteria prepared, we make interviews helpful with a planned structure and the right questions for every candidate.

Selection Criteria

To select the best talent, we state the skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics needed to carry out important job tasks. This helps in making the selection criteria seamless while attracting the best possible talent.


In every IT project, it is important to ensure that the candidate works as a team member. Therefore, we ensure to do reference checks that help to verify all the information that might be on the candidate’s resume. This helps in checking the accuracy of a candidate’s profile, including the total experience, past job, skills, and salary.

Encouraging Proactive Culture

The IT professionals that we recruit are always hired to suggest progressive ideas and extremely thoughtful feedback. Hence, we source manpower that is cut for an encouraging and stimulating working culture.

We Work As a Catalyst For Your Business

Our work is to believe in the potential of people. If you are looking for a perfect fit for your business organization, you are at the right place

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Why Hire On-Site Developers?

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Improved Productivity
  • Flexibility
  • Agile Processes
  • Quick Access to Project Relate Information and Resources
  • No Communication Gap

Benefits of Dedicated Workforce

  • Less Investment

    It helps in minimum investment with almost zero to no investment costs.

  • Enhance Business Growth

    With the right talent, business growth is always incremental. You can enhance your processes and complete the projects at a quick rate.

  • Flexible Recruitment

    There is a freedom to expand or even reduce your team at any time. There is never a headache because of flexible recruitments.

  • Lesser Overhead Costs

    The budget is significantly optimized with even lesser labor fee.

  • Competitive Edge

    Companies gain a competitive edge with much better cost-effectiveness.

  • Greater Control

    There is a better command of the projects as compared to traditional outsourcing.

  • Easy Delegation

    With an easy and efficient delegation of tasks, everyone can pay attention to their work explicitly. Taking business decisions becomes rather productive.

Why Choose Encap for IT Staffing Solutions?

Leading Consultants

We are a team of leading and experienced consultants who have been offering expert solutions for a long time now. Having been in the IT industry, we understand the importance of a skilled workforce and find suitable fits for the maximum benefit of our clients.

Simplicity and Efficiency

We truly believe in working with simplicity and innovation for offering a comprehensive range of staffing solutions for start-ups, large enterprises, and SMEs

Wide Experience

The team of Encaptechno is backed with a wide range of experience, the best technical skills, and industrial know-how that helps in efficient staffing and recruiting.

Extensive Knowledge Of The IT Market

With our knowledge of various domains in the IT market, it becomes easy for us to staff and recruit suitable candidates within a short time frame.

Efficient Support

Our team offers prompt support until all your needs are met in the right way and at the right time.

High Adaptability

We are highly adaptable to your specific needs. We don’t stop in our pursuit to find the right candidates for you until your needs are met.

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Our team is ready to solve all your workforce challenges. Take a step towards accelerating your business growth with our expert staffing and recruiting services.

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The staffing and recruiting companies help in filling an organization’s contractual roles with the best possible candidate. It helps in identifying the suitable candidates for all roles, takes care of the candidate’s life-cycle, forms on-boarding until employees leave an organization through a monthly payroll, and also helps in fulfilling the statutory requirements.