Troubles embracing Salesforce and system integration

One of the most common types of problems that the majority of the business concerns hold is about the issues that revolve around system integration. Though, there can be innumerable reasons behind these troubles, in the majority of the cases, it is found that the problem was triggered by the rush and incomplete initial scoping.

More the system higher the points of integration

As the business houses embrace different platforms and application for its different functional departments, it becomes exceedingly tough to get a unified vision on the customer behavior. These instances trigger overlapping and duplication of functions that retards organizational efficiency and escalates the operational overheads. The biggest challenge is that the integration of the systems at a time consuming act and it demand the input of multiple resources, before it Comes to a state of functionality.

Business houses complete turns dependant on the Salesforce administrator

It is obvious that during the initial phase after deployment of the Salesforce platform, the companies will have to depend on the administration to get adapted to the application. Though, the step aids in improving the Salesforce data through manipulation of the records, it leaves exceedingly high burden on the shoulder of the administrator. Till the recent past, the only solution was to persist with the approach of asynchronous data management. Better to say, now the business users can opt for the manual methods to key the data.

Business owner gets more onus for managing the business data

Based on the experience of using the SAP application, we foresee that data management for Salesforce would be identical to those troubles faced in instances of SAP data. Hence, our objective was to offer a solution that will downsize the risk. We gave it a start by using the existing products for desktop and eventually, developed the Salesforce integration, After getting worth of success, trying the mechanism in the internal ambiances, we rolled it out for the external customers, especially targeted for those enterprises that uses the Salesforce and SAP simultaneously. We witnessed those companies experiencing similar benefits, as we recorded in our case.


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