Sales Support Services

Our sales process design and transformation methodologies are inspired by the long-running sales practices adopted by many organizations. Our services include:

Integrated Sales Process (Re)Design

Our Cloud-based sales solution integrates with your operational processes, hosted application and on-premise systems. We provide an end to end sales process solution with role definitions, deliverables from everyone involved in the process, SLAs and process cost and metrics for your entire sales process.

Typical engagement duration: 8 weeks SALES DATA ANALYSIS & FORECASTING

Our Cloud-based Sales Data Analysis and Forecasting solution provide emerging trends and correlations to create forecasting models. Our consultants employ a vast pool of unstructured and structured data from internal systems and external social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to recommend data solutions for sales forecast and other reports.

Typical engagement duration: 8 weeks SALES DASHBOARD

Our Sales Dashboard provides insight into sales performance and a forecast of sales support required (people, data, etc.). We provide swift integration of dashboard with different on-premise and hosted systems and external social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Typical engagement duration: 8 weeks SALES PLAYBOOK

Our Sales Playbook best captures your internal business practices and eventually recommends effective sales solution through enhanced customer engagement. Our sales process consultants diligently work to understand your sales eco-system, including your company culture, structure, systems, processes, competitors, and clients.

Typical engagement duration – 12 WeeksSALES CRM STRATEGY AND GOVERNANCE

Our Sales CRM Strategy and Governance solution provide necessary tools to improve customer relationship management and governance. We use different strategies for CRM and governance. The CRM strategy typically includes the tool management, data management, analytics, and integration of sales CRM with other tools and business processes. The governance model includes the organizational structure, metrics, deployment, maintenance processes and leadership roles.

Typical engagement duration – 8 WeeksSALES CRM AUTOMATION

Our Sales CRM Automation solution aligns with your intricate business needs and IT strategy. We work in conjunction with your team to document your CRM needs and evaluate the CRM tools that best serves the overall strategy. Our technical and functional expertise enables successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics and Sales CRM solutions.

Typical engagement duration – 12 Weeks


  • Experienced: We have earned over a decade experience in managing more than 300 solutions to transform your business through effective data analytics, refined processes and cloud CRM solutions.
  • Consistent: Our dedicated services have made us a trusted and recommended service provider in the industry
  • Creative: Our extensive range of integrated unique business solutions fits into match intricate customer requirements.
  • Adaptable: Our integrated solutions are flexible to adjust to the distinctive needs and business constraints.
  • Affordable: Our business solution combines both onshore and offshore delivery to reduce delivery costs to enhance service quality.

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