With a team of experienced and highly talented developers, We empower you to cross over the line of configuration and to reach to the potentials that exist in the core of the platform of Salesforce 1. We have already conceived 4 applications that had been put in the Salesforce App Exchange.

Our development team works in close coordination with the clients, through each of the steps of app development like developing the concept, architecture & design, development and testing, deployment as well as post-installation support services.

We have the expertise to assure that you will profit visibility on the ecosystem of the entire spectrum of Salesforce that comprise of the end users, the implementation associates, as well as other partners to the Salesforce ISV. It is done through the publication of the app to the exchange for Salesforce application, which is the world’s biggest app marketplace that is run commercially. We appreciate the chance to develop the first app for you, so that it becomes easier for you to communicate and hence, keep seamless connectivity with your customers.

Customized Development

It is a matter of proven fact that customizations enhance the adaptability for the users. The practical functionalities of your apps attract the customers and we pair with our valued customers to improve the extent of participation and business compliance.

It is in the virtue of customizations that extends the functionalities of our apps, beyond the scopes that you get with mere configuration. Though configuration has the string of several values attached to it, customizations hold the potential to scale up the efficiency of Salesforce platform for delivering impacting results. Our development team can coach and advice on appropriate and worthy customizations as well as can recommend those stuffs that will assist you to streamline the Salesforce process, inclusive of the scopes, but not limited to the extent of:

  • Customized objects
  • Triggers
  • Business process flow

As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to ensure that a penny of business investment is feting the optimum value. We are always there to assist you to accomplish the essential task of customization that will ensure the sweetest yield for your resource.


Our Cloud-based solutions design processes and tools for multiple currencies and conversions, languages, and international transactions.


Our Cloud-based solutions provide complete support in designing a suitable planning and forecasting financial model to meet your business needs. Our dedicated team of financial analysts and technical consultants jointly work to understand your business requirements to forecast and build complex models using the data in the financial system with customized tools. Our forecasting models provide relevant information to predict the impact of different market and business scenarios on the financial health of your company.


  • Experienced: We have earned over a decade experience in managing more than 300 solutions to transform your business through effective data analytics, refined processes and cloud CRM solutions.
  • Consistent: Our dedicated services have made us a trusted and recommended service provider in the industry
  • Creative: Our extensive range of integrated unique business solutions fits into match intricate customer requirements.
  • Adaptable: Our integrated solutions are flexible to adjust to the distinctive needs and business constraints.
  • Affordable: Our business solution combines both onshore and offshore delivery to reduce delivery costs to enhance service quality.

Our Expertise