Boost the relationship with your customers

Each of the support request that you receive is actually a chance to boost the relationship with the customers that eventually generates additional revenues. Case management enables the users to excel in customer orientations and support services.

Transform your organization to a customer-centric company

The business experts consider the Customers the King and you need to approach the customers as unique individuals, having their unique needs and choices, and they are not merely your business accounts.

The reasons to embrace Salesforce for Case Management

Accept that Salesforce is a tool and not a magic wand that can rectify all the problems by the span of overnight time. The case management feature is the latest addition on Salesforce tool and it offers the following benefits to the end-users:

  • Centralized database that the user can view to get the history of all the customer support cases, catered in the past and contemporary times.
  • The feature will track the owner of the case, the owner’s priorities and status for all the customer interactions.
  • Overview of the all the transaction history at few clicks.
  • Creation of support cases
  • Triggering auto-responses to the emails from the case owner
  • Constant update on the comments as the case moves forward
  • Collaborating with co-workers
  • The tool aids in standardizing the process flow and reduces the work load and stops duplication of work.
  • Setting escalation rules
  • Customers can access their case history through the customer portal and keep track with the updates.
  • Extensions to standard Case functionality
  • Customer Portals allow your customers to access their own case record and view the progress of their case online
    • In the capacity of a System administrator, it is critical to advocate user adoption by serving the end users sufficient reasons to embrace the tool.

Improve their experience

  • Collate all the feedbacks, no matter it comes positive or negative.
  • Include new features
  • Eliminate those features that seems to ne unwanted or not commonly used.

Case management is a business function that is a continuous process and Salesforce is the tool that will enable you to master the art.


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