Data Cleansing & Migration

It holds true for the majority of the organizations that they are not oriented with a single and uniform technology that serves the process function for all of its departments. For instance, the HR department might have the HRM software, the sales team is habituated to work on the customer relationship management application; for the marketing team, it is the marketing automation application and for accounts, the ERP is the top choice.

The accumulation of such varied technologies under one roof turns the IT framework of the business highly complicated. The business organization keeps facing arrays of troubles and it also escalates in expense in maintaining the IT infrastructure. All these instances eventually results to the complication of the business process flow, triggers production and management bottlenecks as well as swallows a significant part of the business revenues. The point is that, it goes completely repugnant to the fundamental of reducing workloads and promoting the organizational efficiency, for which these technologies evolved.

Hence, irrespective of the scale of operations or the industry line that a business house might serve, there exists a need for a comprehensive business technology that will string the fragmented process flows to a single integrated platform that will streamline the business process, reduced operational overheads and promote organizational co-ordination and efficiency. The integrated technological platform will support the workforce after taking spot and effective business decisions that will surely fetch an edge over the competitors.

Switching from the older IT setup to SalesForce happens to be a key step towards promoting organizational efficiency as the sustenance of the business is largely dependent on the success of the strategy undertaken to migrate the business data.

We have consolidated our standing as a reliable provider for Salesforce integration and it displays proven track record in successfully accomplish similar projects for innumerable organizations, across several lines of industry. We adapt with the Cast iron and JITTERBIT tools and alternatively we can envisage a customized integration that will link the salesforce with all the other technologies like Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft, SAP as well as other mobile applications, that your business could have embraced.


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