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Embrace Digital World with Zoho Creator Integration

Zoho Creator is a cloud-based low code application builder which allows you to design custom applications with an easy drag-n-drop interface very quickly. It's powerful scripting language, Deluge, allows you to add sophisticated business workflows to digitize any business process.

Encap is a globally recognized Zoho Service Partner. We offer comprehensive Zoho Creator Services that enables you to create and run database applications. It imparts exceptional capabilities to the users to manage and control data access, automate processes, visualize reports, and facility to do it all from anywhere.

We at Encap have 7 + Certified Zoho Creator Developers building applications for global clients. We are working extensively with Zoho Team as their Enterprise Business Solutions Team helping them to cater.

We aim at providing an exclusive and powerful suite of software to our clients that enable you to run and manage your entire business effortlessly. From handling statistics, sales, distribution, to closing deals, we have an ideal solution for every aspect of your business.

Why choose Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code cloud computing platform that allows you to build customized business applications without any infrastructure cost. With end-to-end business process management, it automates everything, from capturing data to converting it into valuable insights, relieving manual efforts in everyday tasks.

There are numerous reasons to choose Zoho Creator that include:

Simplicity and Speed

Zoho Creator’s drag-and-drop interface is marvelous, which lets you build sophisticated applications using Deluge, it lets you add sophisticated business workflows. Every app comes natively mobile, and you can customize separate layouts, actions, and gestures for smartphones and tablets. This capability makes it easy to create apps in minimum time.

Integration Capacity

This cloud-based platform is gaining great popularity because of its integration capabilities to connect with other apps. The custom apps created on this platform can be connected to other tools in the Zoho suite and other third-party apps also. This Zoho to Zoho integration functionality brings in automation with improved productivity.

Process Optimization

With minimum disruption to existing operations, it is easy to build the desired application quickly based on specific business needs. Zoho Creator Integration of applications enables one to streamline workflows effectively and optimizing internal business processes.

Mobile Access

Zoho Creator allows the users to view, access, and modify the data in dashboards, reports, and input forms via mobile. It enables controlled access to different users and makes the important information available for all anywhere and anytime.


Zoho Creator application is the most cost-effective way to satisfy the users and get enhanced productivity with assistance. With service automation and minimum manual employment, it remarkably boosts up sales and marketing processes.

Thorough Reporting

Zoho Creator can generate reports automatically based on data collected from various forms. It also facilitates the users with a number of report formats, including Lists, Calendars, Pivot tables & charts, Spreadsheets, summary, etc. The scheduled reports are sent to users via emails or customized messages.

Leverage this astounding platform and dive right into creating smarter
business applications with Zoho Creator App Development

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Zoho Creator Services That
Attract Business Users

  • Drag-and-Drop Application Builder
  • Mobile Apps
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Smart Reports
  • Customer Portals
  • Workflow Builder
  • Tasks, Reminders, and Notifications
  • Custom Reports And Interactive Dashboards
  • Secure Access Controls
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Integration and API

Transforming Your Business with
Zoho Creator Development

While handling a business, you have to manage a lot of tasks simultaneously. with
Zoho Creator Development you can unify data, processes, and people, all in a single platform.

Go Mobile

Take Your Business Everywhere with You

  • Receive SMS, emails, alerts, and notifications
  • Create white-label apps for your clients and retailers
  • Accept payments and evaluate reports
  • Feed data even when you’re offline
  • Customize Mobile screens and recurring action

Share Data

Enable Team Work on Single Platform

  • Allow controlled access to team members based on hierarchy
  • Add users and enabling access for modifying and editing app components
  • Create self-service portals on the app for customers and retailers both
  • Design a personalized logo and domain for your portal

Easy Dataflow

Allow Data Flow From one App to Another

  • Build multiple apps and share information across all apps
  • Utilize pre-built integrations with Zoho services inclusive of CRM, Invoice, and Books
  • Exploit simple Deluge script blocks and connects trendy services like Salesforce, Zapier, Quickbooks, etc.
  • Link various cloud services with REST API

Instant Migration

Transfer data and Legacy quickly at scale

  • Import Excel data or translate Google sheets into an app with just a single click
  • Process MS Access or Filemaker databases with migration tools
  • Adapt a modern platform by replacing an old legacy system

Automate Apps

One Step Beyond Data Storage

  • Schedule everyday operations according to their priority
  • Collect relative information, concerning locations, co-ordinates, barcodes, files, etc.
  • Eliminate errors with proper lookups, pre-filing, and authenticating data frequently
  • Stay ahead of deadlines with timeline, calendar, and kanban views
  • Make single-click buttons to do calculations and perform custom actions

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How Does Zoho Creator Work?

As a part of Zoho’s prevailing infrastructure and apparent productivity suite, Zoho Creator escapes you from all security and uptime uncertainties and ensures data protection, backup, and updates data in routine. Whatever occurs in your software ecosystem, Zoho Creator manages all-important business processes.

Zoho Creator is a cloud-based software that enables creating custom applications in minimum time without any prior coding experience with its drag-and-drop interface easily. Data collection, automating business workflows, report evaluation, collaboration with the team, application integration, everything is so easy and simple with Zoho Creator.Zoho Creator allows you to embrace business automation with managed services for maintenance, scalability and hosting. So you can access real-time data from anywhere, anytime, and on any gadget with its native mobileapps.

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Process of Implementing Zoho

Our unique approach to implement zoho products in your system.


Gathering all your business requirements and what current or forthcoming challenges, and also identifying goals for the initial project plan.


Every business is unique and clients want their system to be implemented along with Zoho Apps to streamline and automate the processes. We at Encap help them accomplish as what they are looking for


We train your administering department to handle and understand the system, so as to manage the project independently from your end.

Data Loading

We structurize your existing data and design the integration load accordingly, so as not to lose any valuable information when the entire system is live.


We also train your employees and users as to how to work with Zoho products for enhanced productivity and simpler business processes.


Once the system is setup and implemented, we will help and support you to maintain and run the system as long as you want.

Embark On Your Cloud Transformation Journey

Encap is a Zoho Creator Certified Developer, serving as a top-notch cloud solution provider in digitally transforming the business world. Our dedicated team has all the expertise to provide actionable solutions to your business needs with Zoho Creator.

As a Zoho certified company, we support organizations to develop, customize, and deploy smarter business solutions on the Zoho Creator platform in reconciliation with your specific needs. We deeply analyze your business requirements and develop suitable, smarter, and engaging applications, leading to a smooth workflow and enhanced productivity.

Our Specific Business Apps will help you in - Sales Management, Order Management, Donor Management, Event management, Recruitment tracker, Lead Management, Logistics, Inventory management, and Education management.

Let’s Make Your Custom App Together!

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Hire a Zoho Creator Developer

Encap offers Zoho Creator Certified IT solutions to empower your business with an intuitive UI, mobile apps, customer portal, and SMS Notifications.

Want proven results for real-time success?

With hundreds of projects executed in Zoho Creator across various organizations of different sizes and industries all around the globe, working with our Zoho Creator Developers is the ideal choice for you. We assure smooth workflow throughout the implementation process and enable your business to optimally leverage Zoho Creator applications, and get a huge success.

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Why Choose Encap for Zoho Solutions

With our Zoho developers, enable your business to make smart technology investments,
improve practices, and save time and money.

  • Certified Zoho Partner

    We sell, manage and implement Zoho solutions for you and offer training & support for your Zoho implementation.

  • We offer Customized Products

    At Encaptechno, we offer customized Zoho CRM under your brand and domain name, hosted by Zoho.

  • Dedicated Delivery Support Team

    We will provide you with a dedicated business and partner support team that will help you manage your Zoho products.

  • Zoho Developers

    We give you the accessibility to your Zoho developer and integration resources every day.

  • Realistic Goals and Timeline

    Encaptechno understands the core challenges and cultural nuances to deliver within realistic timelines, and we have served customers across time zones and cultures.

Industries that we Serve

Encaptechno unfolds a range of cloud-based technology solutions to facilitate efficient working amongst different industry verticals for a streamlined sales and marketing process, strong IT helpdesk & support, accounted finances, happy human resource, insightful analytics, and a lot more.

Automotive & Manufacturing









We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

Zoho Creator is a cloud software that allows you to build custom applications on your own without any coding experience with its drag-and-drop interface quickly. It enables you to bring automation in business process, taking control over workflow without your physical interference, and allowing you to access your business profile from anywhere and anytime on mobile.

Yes, definitely, you find a lot of templates and ready-to-use database applications in the application gallery and marketplace of Zoho Creator. So you can pick up the suitable one that matches your business profile and start using it in a few minutes only. It also allows you to share your created applications in the marketplace and enables other users to access it.

Zoho Creator comes up with a lot of template applications, from which you can pick any suitable one. Moreover, it provides a drag-and-drop interface that enables you to create your own custom apps easily and quickly.

Yes, it is a smart platform for all organizations to run their business online regardless of their size and location, without investing in any infrastructural cost and complicated software. It brings automation in the business process, saving time and money both.

Zoho creator provides customized apps that match your business profile, helping the customers to engage better and understand your working for reaching out to you easily. With service automation and round-the-clock assistance, it improves customer satisfaction and boosts productivity.