Best Practices

Make use of our tailor-made sprint-based project method and experience outstanding results and also reduce the overall project time period. As a certified organization, we work with large as well as small businesses and aim of driving growth and profitability. Our consultation team studies thoroughly about the client’s Salesforce organization and based on the situation our experts will ensure to come up with the most effective method helping you to accomplish your business goals.

In the past, you might have worked with a consultant on a particular project that was long drawn, resulting in the extending of time and your budget. When you work with us, you will surely understand how we are different from others and the reason for our popularity. We stress on our customized Sprint-based project management and delivery making things simpler for you.

How can we benefit you?

We always work as a team assuring a successful project. This definitely cuts out the chances of any frequent changes in the projects or any delays. We always strive to provide you with the best we can by offering our helping hand and make things work for your business.

Our Sprint-based project management

Sprint refers to the 2 -3 weeks of the time period during which the proposed actions of the projects are completed.

We keep you very much a part of the team:

There is no doubt to the fact that your involvement persists with demonstrations and check-ins on a regular basis.

Our method of project timeline

Sprint 1:

Getting the thorough details of the business

  • Verify the vision and requirements discussed earlier.
  • Vision: How can you make Salesforce more effective?
  • Requirements: What is the factor that should take place to support your venture in Salesforce?

The review session

  • The blueprint for the successful project that has been delivered by our expert.
  • Suggest for the action plans based on priority.

Sprint 2:

Planning session

  • Identifying the priority actions and aiming to complete within 14 days.
  • Discuss on the items that are demanded by the client for the next sprint.
  • Decide an appointment for the review session.

Review session

  • Review the action items that are finished.
  • Review on the client item for the next sprint.

Sprint 3 and beyond

You need to repeat the Sprint 2 process till no sprints are required. We are always there hand in hand with you even after the projects wrap up.


  • Experienced: We have earned over a decade experience in managing more than 300 solutions to transform your business through effective data analytics, refined processes and cloud CRM solutions.
  • Consistent: Our dedicated services have made us a trusted and recommended service provider in the industry
  • Creative: Our extensive range of integrated unique business solutions fits into match intricate customer requirements.
  • Adaptable: Our integrated solutions are flexible to adjust to the distinctive needs and business constraints.
  • Affordable: Our business solution combines both onshore and offshore delivery to reduce delivery costs to enhance service quality.

Our Expertise