Top Reasons to Choose Zoho One for Your Organization

February 4, 2020

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Do you get confused while choosing software to run your business? But leveraging software is not enough; you need to understand the technology behind this. If you’re looking for efficiency, speed, and economy in a single solution, all you get instead is complexity. To solve this particular concern, Zoho Consultants has now come up with an all-in-one platform – Zoho One. It works as an operating system that runs your entire business with a comprehensive suite of apps.

Zoho One Integrations- Holistic Approach to Gain Success

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Zoho One is a full-featured platform that consists of more than 40 applications that enable businesses of all sizes and niche to boost their sales, promote their products and services, and administer back-end processes. Besides, it supports communication between teammates and customers to facilitate smooth workflows.

Zoho One is the software that works for your company, instead of your company working on the software. You can substitute your bundles of cloud applications, legacy tools, and manual operations with a single platform for your entire business.

How Can Zoho One Implementation Support Your Organization?

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It is a holistic approach to run your business, which provides you with one integrated and customizable system to work smarter and progress faster. Zoho One gives you an inclusive platform to break down hurdles between various departments and improve the performance of your organization.

These are a few facilities that help business users to keep a track on their business:

  1. Integrated Suite of Apps

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Zoho One Integrations come up with a bunch of 40+ online applications that will help you to manage and automate business processes throughout your organization. You can select the apps that match your custom needs and then make them accessible for your employees. Every app has a mobile version so that you can work wherever you want. It embraces apps for:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • HR
  • Business Processes
  1. Smart Services for Enhanced Productivity

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It comprises a distinct range of applications, which serves as the source for supplementary services that deliver great value to your organization. Collectively, the complete suite helps to run the business operations more effectively and improves business productivity.

  • Handle work smartly with Zia, the Zoho Intelligent Assistant
  • View superior insights with exceptionally crafted dashboards
  • Search and explore everything quicker with a single search for all your business data
  • Make user authentication, app deployment, and company privacy policies simpler
  1. Tools to Customize Software 

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Zoho One consists of a powerful toolkit for Zoho Customization, expand, and integrate the software to make it fit for your organization according to your specific business needs. You can perform any required changes in your software easily.

  • Make custom integrations between Zoho and third party-apps
  • Add custom features to Zoho apps
  • Produce low-code apps easily for unique processes
Why Should You Opt Zoho One Implementation for Your Organization?

Zoho One Implementation

As you know, Zoho One Implementation works as an operating system for an organization that accumulates a complete set of online applications that helps you run your entire business from a single system or through a mobile. Here are a few reasons that can compel you to choose Zoho One for your organization:

1. Mobile Apps

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You get a complete suite of 40+ apps for different processes at the department of your organization. All 40+ applications you get can also be conveniently used on the go on your mobile. It will be easy to access your business information, contact clients, track sales or marketing processes, etc. from your mobile anywhere and anytime.

2. Less Administrative Activities

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Whether it’s about monitoring projects, tracking processes, or generating reports, Zoho One enables you to do it all with a single push of a button, so that you can devote more time to other essential activities in your business.

3. Better Collaboration

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It comes with all tools for accessing news quickly, conduct meetings, project management, inter-communication, etc., which makes collaboration even easy between various departments and employees.

4. Viewing Assets and Liabilities

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Zoho One is an inclusive solution not only for handling business operations but also helps in clean bookkeeping and a steady synopsis of all investments any time, by using applications for accounting, inventory management, etc.

5. All Business Highlights

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Get every highlight of your business from campaign tools, social media management, analytics, survey, and more that make your business look exceptionally brilliant. Don’t even miss a single notification with Zoho One Apps regarding your business.

6. Handle Leads and Deals

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The incentive programs in the CRM systems and its reporting support your sales team in customer acquisition and make you aware of all consequences that can happen if something gets wrong. You can always track your complete sales process and communicate with clients from your mobile.

7. Optimal Customer Service

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Zoho One has made Customer support easy with modern assistance and ticketing system, which offer your customers a pleasing service experience. You can never fail to impress your customers with efficient customer service.

8. Employ Best Talents

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It is not easy to search for good employees, but personnel management service by Zoho One makes it easier for you to organize your employees and handle fresh recruitment programs with the HR team to find the best talents for your business.


Zoho One is a wide-ranging ecosystem of tools for all departments that enables seamless collaboration, ensuring the overall growth of your organization. You get a mobile version for every application that will help you to access information across devices. It is very easy-to-manage, as a single operating system login is required to access multiple applications and systems. The central admin console allows you to manage the users and provide controlled access to specific applications.

Additionally, you will get real-time information quickly from configurable dashboards and financial analysis reports to have a clear picture of your organization. Not only that, the improved customer service makes your help desk and support even more efficient and customer-focused.

Zoho one is a great piece of software that allows you to handle all your business application and tools with a single operating system only. Contact your Zoho Consulting Partner today and ask how conveniently it can transform your approach to handle your business!

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