Tips to Reinvent Your Recruiting Process with Zoho Recruit

May 12, 2022

Tips to Reinvent Your Recruiting Process with Zoho Recruit | Encaptechno
When the pandemic affected people the world over, so many employees in different countries were subjected to layoffs. Two years after the pandemic, the workflow has completely changed. So many young professionals have become used to working from home and many have even quit their jobs to pursue other things and build start-ups.

To put this in easy words, the Great Resignation has hit industries similar to a tidal wave and it has also reshaped traditional work models causing massive shifts in working norms. As a result, multiple talent acquisition managers and professionals are redesigning their recruitment processes.

In this scenario, the implementation of a recruiting automation platform such as Zoho Recruit has helped many organizations. In this blog, we will see what Zoho Recruit is and how organizations can use it for reinventing their recruiting process.

What is Zoho Recruit?


Zoho Recruit is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and recruitment software that has been created for managing the recruiting process in staffing agencies and corporate companies. It is an AI recruitment software that can streamline the recruitment process seamlessly. Starting from resume management, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, communication, interview scheduling, and hiring functions within a single system, Zoho Recruit does it all.

One of the primary objectives of creating Zoho Recruit was to eliminate manual data entry and traditional hiring methods including spreadsheets for scheduling, resume attachment downloads on desktop folders. Other than this, Zoho Recruit brings important stakeholders on board including customers and recruiting team on just one platform.

From multi-channel communication to product customization and hiring productivity or third-party integrations, Zoho Recruit provides a wide range of features that support the requirements of staffing agencies of all sizes, different industries, small and medium-sized businesses, and even large enterprises. The integrations with some of the premium job boards and niche boards also give recruiters using Zoho Recruit a much better advantage over competitors.

This is recruiting software that uses feature incorporations such as source boosters, semantic search, advanced customizations, hiring pipeline dashboard, advanced customizations etc. for ensuring that the time to fill is reduced to a great extent and the cost per hire is parallel. Finally, Zoho Recruit’s advanced automation features also help in saving time and recruiting faster, better, and smarter.

There are prominent features that make Zoho Recruit stand out in the market and they include advanced search, creating job openings, scheduling interviews, application tracking, assessing candidate’s status, tracking sources, emailing inside Zoho Recruit, embedding resume forms, publishing job openings, parsing resumes, and much more.

Benefits of Zoho Recruit


1. Automated Recruitment

Automated Recruitment | Benefits of Zoho Recruit
When done manually, recruitment involves many tasks that must be carried out properly. It is important to make sure that candidates from reputable sources are sourced, job listings are posted on the right platforms, and candidate data is consolidated, and so on.

Zoho Recruit serves as an automated hiring platform that simplifies all these processes so that the focus is more on attention-demanding responsibilities. It has customizable tools that help in programming the software to automate data input, consolidate candidate information, update interview schedules, tackle tedious and repetitive recruitment tasks.

2. Effective Candidate Assessment

This is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process when it comes to compiling information of candidates for assessment. By looking at the candidate pages tool of Zoho Recruit, it is possible to take a detailed look at the profile of a candidate without feeling any need to sift through piles of documents. 

Zoho Recruit helps in finding the name of a candidate in a database, clicking on it, and seeing a detailed profile with pictures, contact data, and social links almost immediately. This way, the recruiting manager can sort the candidates by taking a good link at their credentials.

3. Application Filtering

Zoho Recruit is significantly effective at hiring easily because it works on the basis of previously inserted values that each applicant should respond to. In case an application does not fulfil any given criteria, it can automatically be withdrawn until the recruiter wants to have a complete look at it. 

Meanwhile, Zoho Recruit ensures that vacancy appears at all important locations and job boards so that quality candidates can come across eventually. Until the position is filled, the vacancy is shown so that steps are taken to hire a person early.

4. Streamlined Application Database

Right after a candidate gets chosen for hire, Zoho Recruit login can be used to automatically feed information into a centralized applicant database for easy onboarding and performance monitoring.

When the records are in the system, it becomes possible to manage candidates and the present employees while using their information stored in the database. As the application is entirely cloud-based, one can get it up and running immediately while not worrying about any complex downloads and expensive installations to worry about.

Tips for Reinventing the Recruiting Process


1. Redesigning Hiring Strategy

In almost any field, professionals are always on the lookout for increasing their performance and moving up the professional ladder. One of the best techniques to do this is reviewing the past performance so that actions can be observed and analyzed when they are their best and one can find what areas must be worked on.

Recruiting process is similar. It is important that you break all elements of your hiring process, look at your past performances using metrics such as time to fill, cost per hire, and so on. In case you have collected feedback, this is a good time to study that feedback and pick a pattern of which applicants did you like. This will streamline the previous recruiting experience.

Other than this, leveraging changes such as mass job reshuffling also gives you a great chance to rebuild your talent pool while letting you stay on top of rising employment trends such as economies. When you look at every stage of the process under a microscope, you will be able to uncover both the hiring success and challenges that cause you to miss out on potential candidates.

2. Highlighting the Pain Points

Once you know the challenges that you have been facing in the recruiting process, you can start working on all of them individually. This will give you time for re-evaluating and recording the improvements substantially rather than trying to change it all at once. For example, a small change in listing down applicants can make radical improvements in the overall process.

It is always good to experiment with AI recruitment software as a hiring professional so that you can keep an account of what is beneficial and what is not. The changes that you make are calculated and also yield a large return on the investment. In case candidate management is something that is proving to be trouble then you can be better off focusing on issues of candidate communication.

Recruiting process management enables you to analyze the effectiveness of solutions at a micro-level. After you narrow down the problematic areas in recruiting strategy, you can put important variables to test until the time all solutions come together to form an improved hiring process.

3. Adopting Data-Driven Approach

Hitting a block in your hiring process can be frustrating, to say the least. This is more so when the times are tougher for the recruitment industry. What matters is how you will overcome the slump.

When you condition yourself to become proactive and prepared for problems ahead of time, you become capable of handling uncertain job markets. The best way to do this is to become proactive with data.

Gathering the data you need for making improvements to your hiring strategy can require diving into technology. It is best to evaluate the digital ecosystem and see whether adopting or migrating to a recruiting automation platform will work for you and your team.

An ATS allows you to design a workflow that can effectively automate repetitive tasks while giving you more time to reconnect with and earn goodwill with customers. In addition, an effective AI-powered ATS also provides you with real-time data that is usually stored automatically and is accessible anytime with reports and dashboards.

In case you find it rather troublesome to gather data needed to compete in the present recruitment market, it is best to learn more about the working of the Zoho Recruit Application Tracking System. It can give you the information needed to make decisions because it allows you to track weaknesses and develop solutions.


Recruiting process is not so easy. There are many aspects that must be taken care of as the needs of all clients in a staffing agency cannot be thought of as one. Hence, there is a need for robust
AI recruitment software that can effectively optimize the recruiting process irrespective of moving from a traditional hiring system to migrating from ATS. With the implementation of Zoho Recruit, the recruiting managers can decrease the time and allow others to find the right candidates for each role.

Recruiting managers can have different needs but they can effectively customize the software according to what they want. Zoho Recruit also helps to form a strong online presence with multiple integrations. It helps extensively in managing relationships with customers. The tools and integrations can help in improving efficiency in sourcing, screening, onboarding, and hiring candidates without any sacrifice of quality of hire.

If you haven’t already implemented Zoho Recruit, it is time to take action and do it right away for better recruiting and hiring managers. Get in touch with our certified Zoho consultants to know more about Zoho Recruit and how it can help your business.

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