How to Manage Your Financial Operations With Zoho Finance Plus?

November 30, 2021

How to Manage Your Financial Operations With Zoho Finance Plus? | Encaptechno
As Zoho claims time and again, it is undoubtedly “The Operating System for Business.” This is something that Zoho has continued to prove this time and again. With the implementation of Zoho, the companies have been able to evolve their interactions with their customers significantly. Out of the many software applications and suites of Zoho, there is yet another powerful suite called
Zoho Finance Plus Suite.

Managing the back-office operations is never so easy. There are so many quotes to be sent, invoices that need follow-up, orders that have to be processed, and taxes that must be filed at the right time. In fact, back-office operations and accounting are some of the most serious and not so easy parts of business management.

Many entrepreneurs struggle in getting these things right often, but the integrated financial suite can help a lot. Finance applications come into the picture to help business owners ensure that their business runs efficiently and has also freed them from the various tasks that might otherwise get in the way.

What is Zoho Finance Plus?


Zoho Finance Plus offers an end-to-end integrated platform for back-office operations. Other than accounting, invoicing, and expense management that is generally needed by a business, the suite also helps businesses in managing subscription-driven and recurring revenue streams. It has the ability to equip organizations to fulfill multi-channel online sales orders with an effective inventory model.  

In essence, Zoho Finance Plus is a finance platform for business that combines flexible, scalable, and secure applications that can serve the needs of a growing business.

Zoho Finance Plus – An Integrated Suite of Apps

Zoho Finance Plus – An Integrated Suite of Apps

You can think of
Zoho Finance Plus to be a powerful suite that breaks down department silos, streamline other operations, offers distinct visibility into the order and fulfillment process, and also ensures almost no tax period.

As opposed to other back-office tools, Zoho Finance apps are tightly integrated with each other and built from the same platform. This basically means that you will have much less or almost nil data entry problems with increased accuracy and a quick decision-making process. Zoho Finance Plus is an integrated platform that does the following things:

  • Multiple Applications in Single Platform: Almost all of the Zoho Finance apps are built from the ground up so that they can work together seamlessly. The information gets entered in one application and eventually gets reflected in the rest which basically means that your data stays up to date at all times.
  • Enhanced Quote-to-Cash Process: When the salespeople generate quotes and orders in one application, they are instantly available in others for suitable teams so that the order is fulfilled promptly, the customer invoice is prepared quickly, and payments get collected efficiently.
  • Overcoming Traditional Accounting: The world that we live in is moving towards a subscription model quickly. In this scenario, the Zoho Finance Suite equips you with a solid recurring billing solution that eventually helps in bridging the gap with traditional accounting.
  • Quick Employee Reimbursements: Zoho Expense automates the reimbursements approval flow while making it simple for your employees to claim reimbursements. All of their expenses fall into the right accounts in an instant.
  • GST Compliant Solutions: The various finance apps that come in Zoho Finance Suite are optimized to handle the single taxation structure of GST that makes the tax filing process simple and convenient.
  • Easy Administration: In just a single administrative console, it gets very easy to manage multiple uses all across different departments. You can add and offer role-based access to the users to different applications from a centralized panel.

Apps Included in Zoho Finance Plus


Zoho Finance Plus is a GST-compliant unified platform that is extremely useful for all of your back-office needs. Right from invoicing to order management and even accounting, Zoho Finance Plus is an integrated finance suite that has all the bases covered when it comes to back-office operations. It has all the features that are needed to make sure that your business becomes and stays GST compliant.

Since Zoho Finance Plus has everything you need to manage operations and finances, it has the following apps:

1. Zoho Invoice


Being free GST invoicing software for small businesses, Zoho Invoice can be effectively used in streamlining a business process. It is custom-made for Indian businesses and is absolutely free. Some of the benefits of Zoho Invoice are:

  • Professional Invoices: The software application has many easy templates that are helpful in crafting professional invoices. You can choose a template that suits your brand in the best possible way, serves individual customers, or even the occasion.
  • The professional invoices help in getting paid on time.
  • You can handle customer returns and manage refunds effectively using credit notes.
  • You can create delivery challans to accompany your goods while they are in transit.
  • Make sure that your customers are on board with your price quotes before you begin billing them.
  • Send retainer invoices to your clients and collect payments in advance.
  • Getting Paid On Time: Other than crafting accurate invoices, enabling easy payments, and tracking or following up on the transactions, you can also contribute to quick payment collection. Make sure that you get paid on time, every time with the help of Zoho Invoice. 
  • You can track time and also bill your customers effortlessly for the hours that you spend working on their projects.
  • You can also track reimbursable expenses and bill your customers right away.
  • Zoho Invoice enables you to track all your transactions and business performance in one place only.
  • You can provide a self-service portal to all your customers where they can view their invoices and also make payments easily.
  • You can track the invoice status, follow up on the late payments, and send payment reminders at the right time.
  • Enable your customers to pay round the clock through UPI, credit/debit cards, cash, bank transfers, or checks.

2. Zoho Books


Zoho Books is efficient online accounting software that helps in efficiently managing your finances, automating the business workflow, keeping your business GST compliant, and helping you work collectively all across departments.

  • End-to-end Accounting: From negotiating the deals to raising sales orders and invoicing, Zoho Books is efficient in handling mundane accounting tasks so that you can focus on your business. 
  • GST Compliant: You can create GST invoices, know your tax liability, file your tax returns directly, and ensure that your business stays compliant with GST.
  • Integrated Platform: As your business keeps growing, you can add more of almost 40 plus apps by Zoho while managing and running each aspect of your business from wherever you are.

3. Zoho Inventory


Zoho Inventory is inventory management software designed for Indian businesses. You can manage orders, track inventory, handle GST billing, and oversee warehouses with this application. It is a perfect inventory management software to run all inventory operations.


  • Order Management: You can handle your sales, purchase activities, payments, invoices, and bills with order management. Zoho Inventory helps you in managing packages so that your shipments can be delivered on time.
  • Warehouse Management: This enables you to control your stocks in different warehouses or godowns centrally from Zoho Inventory. You can track item movements, transfer items within the warehouse, and generate specific reports.
  • Barcode Scanning: Zoho Inventory is easily compatible with different kinds of barcode scanners which makes it very easy to set up a barcode system and add SKUs, serial and batch numbers, and even items to sale and purchase orders.
  • Integrations: You can sell your products anywhere you want with ease while integrating your Zoho CRM and Zoho Books. In addition, you can also receive payments online with PayPal and Razorpay. There are many integration options that can support your business.
  • Inventory Tracking: This enables you to keep a track of spare parts, saleable items and even set expiry dates with relevant serial and batch tracking features.  
  • Reports: You can know your inventory aging, sales details, inventory valuation, and vendor payments from a wide range of Reports that can be generated, downloaded, and shared easily.

4. Zoho Subscriptions


Zoho Subscription is a cloud-based recurring billing and subscription solution that is designed to handle each aspect of a subscription-based business. It is an online subscription billing software that is innovative and helps in addressing payment failures and chasing overdue from the customers.


  • Subscription Billing: Regardless of whether you are offering weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription-based advice, all of these things can easily be set up for auto-billing of your customers. Some of the important features that can be added for the initial setup include the free trials, frequency of billing cycles, tax, price, expiration after some amount of billing cycles, and many more.
  • Processing Payments: One should always know that more is better and this goes for allowing a customer to have different ways to pay for a subscription. With the use of online subscription billing software such as Zoho Subscriptions’, it is easy to collect payments. In fact, it can be done online and offline.
  • Impactful APIs: With the help of Zoho Subscription API – the root of automation, it becomes possible to create workflow rules that help in automating actions that particularly cater to the business needs. This majorly includes automated email alerts, custom functions, and buttons, and tracking the subscription changes with the help of Webhooks.
  • Manage Multiple Subscriptions: Zoho Subscriptions helps in adding and managing different pricing plans to the products and services. This further enables you to reach out to a diverse range of potential customers. In fact, you can also get a peek into all the pricing details from a screen while allowing more people to test your products and services on a trial period.
  • Customized Subscription Experience: By using the Zoho Subscriptions Management, you can choose the invoice templates that you want and make them reflect your brand simultaneously. By adding a company logo and including your terms and conditions, you can customize each element of your invoice.

5. Zoho Expense


You can streamline your travel and expense management from end to end with the help of Zoho Expense. It brings the following things to the table:


  • Comprehensive Travel and Expense Management: You can manage all stages of your business trips, before, during, and after. You can also make bookings for travel and accommodations, set up pre-travel approvals, enable employees to report expenses on the go, simplify approvals, and reimburse on time.
  • Complete Spend Control: This helps in ensuring complete policy compliance by setting up different policies for branches, cost centers, and departments. You can also control business expenditures with streamlined budgets while ensuring suitable approvals before purchases with custom approval flow.
  • Automation and Collaboration: You do not have to spend time manually executing reporting tasks. With Zoho Expense, there is comprehensive automation that enables you and your employees to not intervene in the expense reporting process. From receipt scanning to approval, you can automate everything while also saving time.

6. Zoho Checkout


With the use of Zoho Checkout, you can collect payments online very easily. It is designed to build a custom and a branded payment page within a matter of few minutes so that you can begin accepting payments right away.

  • Create: you can build a secure payment page without writing even a single line of code. Zoho handles the coding and hosting part to make things simple for you.
  • Customize: With Zoho checkout, you can make your payment page your own. You can also fine-tune the look and feel of the page so that your customers can get a seamless brand experience.
  • Collect: Whether it is a one-time or a recurring transaction, you can take the hassle out of collecting payments.



Zoho Finance Plus is an integrated suite of financial applications that make your business thrive. It helps in managing vital components such as accounting, invoicing, subscription management, expense reporting, order and warehouse management, etc.

Encaptechno is a Zoho Partner that can allow you to manage your business efficiently and run real-time analytics at each possible stage. You can now streamline your financial operations with the implementation of Zoho Finance Plus. Reach out to get everything you need with full-fledged IT support.

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