Introducing Route IQ for Zoho CRM

August 4, 2022
"To acquire and retain a customer is the aim of business." - Peter Drucker Quote

“To acquire and retain a customer is the aim of business.”- Peter Drucker   

Businesses value their customers. Customers are nurtured by companies of all sizes with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Zoho CRM is one such CRM tool that has revolutionized the company. It is a straightforward cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) CRM jam-packed with several customizable features. 

Small and medium-sized organizations may use Zoho CRM to engage customers better, manage vendor and customer data, and boost conversion rates. In today’s environment, whether you win or lose depends on how you gather, manage, and use information. 

Therefore, a customer relationship management (CRM) system is created to handle a business’s relationships with both present and potential customers. Sales, marketing, customer care, and technical support are coordinated, automated, and organized using CRMs. 

In other words, a CRM system is a tool that aids in the automation of procedures that, in turn, improve customer management. If you’re thinking about a CRM solution, you have many choices, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Oracle, Zoho, and many more. 

They each have particular advantages. When you look closely, you’ll see which option suits your business needs ideally.

Introducing Route IQ for Zoho CRM - Encaptechno

Some Indicators That You Need A Practical Route Planner To Optimize Your Delivery Operations-

  • You run a flourishing company that uses intelligent routing software to meet the changing needs of its customers for quick and timely deliveries.
  • You can easily accommodate more than a few customer addresses or locations in a single day.
  • Planning on-demand delivery routes are challenging, and you must rely on Google Maps to quickly change delivery schedules.
  • Explaining delivery timetables and other information requires a lot of time and work.
  • Explaining daily delivery plans and routes to your on-ground workers and riders requires much time and effort.
  • You want to improve route management to achieve cost and time effectiveness since you know that your existing route planning skills are inefficient.
  • You want to increase the speed and accuracy of your logistics planning processes by reducing or eliminating human intervention.
  • Your logistics operations should be fully controlled thanks to effective planning, transparent communication, and constant ground visibility.

RouteIQ For Zoho CRM

A route optimization software is a dynamic process that assists fleets in locating the least expensive and most efficient routes to their destination. 

The software uses algorithms and analysis to examine many parameters to choose the best path. Planning a logistics route can lower distance, improve last-mile delivery, boost productivity, and provide other benefits.

You can install and configure RouteIQ from the web app and be a paid Zoho CRM user to use the RouteIQ mobile app. Through the provision of map visualization, efficient route planning, and Map Reports via both online and mobile apps, RouteIQ, a mapping tool, improves Zoho CRM. 

RouteIQ enables you to close more sales while conserving time. Your CRM custom views are available as interactive map views using RouteIQ. To help you plan more effectively, you should easily understand how your lists’ locations relate to one another while you work in your CRM. By offering Map Visualization, Optimised Route Planning, and Map Reports via the web and mobile apps, RouteIQ is a comprehensive mapping solution that improves Zoho CRM.

  • Make sure your customer visits for field sales and service operations are optimized.
  • View Map Reports seeing where your clients are concentrated in thermal and numerical forms.
  • Use a map to visualize your leads, contacts, and other CRM data to learn more about the demographics of your target market.

Characteristics of Route IQ for Zoho CRM

Map display 

Put your prospects on a map that you can engage with. First, utilize the Near Me function to filter options based on their proximity to your location. Then, using the day’s scheduled or flexible meetings as a guide, plan the best routes for your field sales and service operations. 

Utilize Location Intelligence to analyze your data utilizing thermal and numerical representations.

Optimized route plans

This CRM-integrated mobile map routing app is a potent tool for managing travel time and expanding the number of leads you can reach.

By integrating with Zoho CRM, you can automatically design routes around various parameters such as leads, contacts, scheduled appointments, and drop-ins.

Google Maps API integration 

 Google Maps API integration is used to showcase the routes that would provide you with the best possible travel option.

By adding or removing stops from the list, routes can be modified on the fly. Other mapping tools included with RouteIQ allow you to view heatmap clusters on the map, neighbouring clients, and potential transaction sizes. Once you are there, use the Check-In tool to record the time, date, and position of your mobile device and approximate it to the scheduled appointment time. 

Your Zoho CRM addresses can be taken by RouteIQ and mapped for you to see. You can now gain insights about your prospects and customers by interacting with the data in your CRM through a map interface. 

To create the ideal map, pick from various filters and criteria, or display all your addresses on a single map view. You can select high-profit deals that are flagged in Zoho CRM in the example below and have them shown on the map. The user interface maps the results and displays a list of bargains on the left that match the search and filter parameters.

Plan, Optimize, and Navigate

  1. Create an automatically optimized route based on the distance, appointments, and drop-ins.
  2. If there are any cancellations or more customers to add, modify the route.
  3. Single-click navigation to any planned routes or clients

Integration Of Zoho CRM And Route Planner Route IQ 

Let’s explore why choosing an integration of Zoho CRM and route planner Route IQ for your field sales may be a wise move in the following ways-

  • To meet with more potential clients and consumers, increase productivity by determining the quickest travel routes.
  • Deliver effective customer service by always being aware of where to find clients and prospects so you can fast get in touch with them.
  • Improve your sales by having access to all customer information while you’re on the go so you can give meetings with customized messages.
  • You may automatically collect data from the field with a centralized database that regularly updates your CRM.

Let’s explore their benefits-

Spare your medical representatives from unnecessary journeys and expenses

Spare your medical representatives from unnecessary journeys and expenses - Zoho RouteIQ

According to studies, a medical representative sees seven clients on average per day. Assume that to make a sale; they must go that route at least three to four more times. That is equal to four times the cost you have set aside. So how can you be confident that your salespeople save money on travel expenses? First, you can save time and money by scheduling appointments with all of your HCP prospects before your visit.

You can bridge the expectation gap by using the calendar booking options with route planners. These features include rescheduling possibilities, so you may always fill that time slot with another client if the HCP postpones or cancels the appointment.

Enhanced Customer Service

Enhanced customer service - Zoho RouteIQ

The seemingly insignificant things you do can significantly impact how your prospects and clients view you. As we previously discussed, taking notes during meetings with healthcare professionals and organizations can help you make a solid first impression. 

Similarly, being on time can help ensure you have a fair chance against your rivals. 

Since your sales representatives will have all the information they need to make the best pitch and make your customers feel valued, a route planner connected with CRM can help you improve your customer service. 

Automate the organization of your field sales strategy

Automate the organization of your field sales strategy - Zoho RouteIQ

A route planner also provides your sales team with the freedom to arrange their field operations in advance, which is another benefit. Make a route map, choose how far you’ll need to go that day, pinpoint your consumers and business prospects, and adjust your budget accordingly.

This offers a methodical technique that might boost team productivity. 

You may ensure that your attention is on prospects with a better likelihood of making a purchase and increasing income.

Sales managers can see everything going on in the field

In the same way, as sales representatives encounter difficulties in the field, sales managers also face difficulties. Therefore, they also monitor field sales activity, check-in and check-out times, and sales rep whereabouts and ensure expenses comply with the policy. With a route planner, sales representatives can share their whereabouts and activity logs with their teams and supervisors, giving management full access to each rep’s sales success. 

Additionally, it can assist them in validating each expense incurred during field trips and ensuring accountability for any falsely reported costs.

Field representatives can make sure they don’t overlook crucial information.

Field representatives can make sure they don’t overlook crucial information

Before purchasing, prospects frequently have specific needs and questions that demand special attention. Sales representatives frequently have to go back and speak with their management before responding to these unusual questions. 

These minor details could be overlooked by the rep, who is out in the field seeing several customers, or they could be confused with another prospect.

Route planners provide a note-taking feature that enables sales representatives to record vital details and attach files for quick access. 

Taking notes is a beautiful method to demonstrate that you value your clients and potential clients and want to give them the most satisfactory service.


The correct route planner can perform miracles when coupled with a CRM application. Your records and papers can be centrally stored so that you and your team can access them from any location at any time. 

The development of CRM solutions now allows you to automatically synchronize your data, reducing human labor and guaranteeing error-free data collecting.

You may easily combine your CRM with your preferred route planner, or our team at Encaptechno can assist you in integrating the Zoho route planner within your Zoho CRM. Through the provision of map visualization, efficient route planning, and Map Reports via both online and mobile apps, RouteIQ, a mapping tool, improves Zoho CRM. 

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