How Can Generative AI Help Marketers?

August 1, 2023

Generative AI has been raising a decent amount of hype lately but with this buzz, there are also many things that need to be clarified on how it can help marketers. As customer expectations rise and personalization becomes an expectation, marketers use Generative AI to maintain customer loyalty and gain insights in a post-cookie world.

How Can Generative AI Help Marketers

AI can help marketers, commerce teams, salespeople, and many more make informed decisions. This scratches the surface of how brands can use AI in marketing for becoming more efficient and productive. When it comes to marketing, the integration of AI has been transformative as well. 

Despite the impressive potential of AI, creativity, and empathy stay important elements of marketing. Modern marketers face the challenge of not just making the most out of the capabilities of AI but also doing that in a way that preserves the critical human aspect of marketing strategies. 

All in all, generative AI can help marketers significantly. In this blog, we will see all the ways in which that is possible. 

What Does Generative AI Look Like For Marketers?

Generative AI can help with creating marketing materials or offering quick solutions to customer reactions and customer experience is just the beginning of what businesses can do with the technology. The combination of generative AI with an intuitive customer data platform can enable companies with the tools required for taking action on real-time insights. It can help in delivering personalization at scale including product recommendations customized to individual customers based on browsing and purchase history. 

Customers also expect brands to use their data for offering relevant services. Most customers expect companies instantly to reach with up-to-date information when it comes to transferring across departments. Generative AI can help customers by giving agents suggested responses created right at the moment on the basis of real-time data. 

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Ways In Which Generative AI Helps Marketers 

1. Personalization

The customers of today expect personalization at each step and mostly they prefer to stay loyal if the company offers them a more customized experience. The combination of Generative AI with CRM data gives marketers the ability to create the kinds of digital experiences that can really help customers. 

In addition, this results in efficient marketing journeys that can be more tailored to the audience across content creation, design, and targeting. 

2. Third-Party Cookie Replacement

Third-party cookie deprecation and easy access to high-quality data that is well structured and useful. This is a growing challenge for marketing organizations. Most business leaders cite a lack of understanding of data because it is complex and not accessible enough. 

With data becoming more and more difficult to collect, store, and analyze, marketers can now turn to AI tools for analyzing the data that they do have and for making the right decisions. AI can help markets process existing and limited first-party data so that rich insights can be provided.

The fact of the matter is that trusted first-party data is important for Generative AI to work well. Most marketers play an important role in the Generative AI success and also claim that human oversight is important for ensuring that a brand’s voice is always authentic.

3. Focusing On Customers

The shift in focus and conversation around Generative AI is important. You can eliminate all confusion and delays in analyzing data as generative AI takes the problems out of content creation. The technology is capable of creating product descriptions that are accurate, compelling, and even optimized for search engines.

Generative AI is also capable of handling low-level tasks as marketers are able to focus on strategic campaigns, and creative campaigns, and also create more connections with customers. As a matter of fact, Generative AI can completely change how marketing departments function while allowing teams to place more focus on customers. 

4. Time and Budget Efficiency

One of the benefits of using Generative AI marketing is increased time and budget efficiency. The overall time devoted to composing marketing materials can be reduced by producing extensive replies within seconds which is quicker than what any human beings can manage.

Unlike most search engines, using Generative AI can evaluate online information to present a concise summary. With marketing automation and automated content creation, generative AI can eliminate any need for manual work while freeing up time for marketers and reducing the budget needed. 

By eliminating human errors and streamlining processes, Generative AI can also help marketers to reduce the amount of time and budget required for some control tasks. 

5. Improved Innovation

Generative AI offers a powerful tool for businesses when it comes to generating innovative and inspirational campaigns. It can help in staying ahead of the curve and also achieve marketing goals by encouraging marketers to explore more ideas by generating creative concepts that may not be obvious by using traditional methods.

You can assist in generating marketing concepts by drawing inspiration from the previous experiences of others with tools such as ChatGPT covering most online databases. It helps businesses to find customer insights which can be used to create marketing campaigns that are relevant.

Ways In Which Generative AI Helps Marketers

6. Image and Video Creation

Generative AI can help in automating image creation with deep learning algorithms and generative adversarial networks. Image creation with the tools can be helpful for marketing in many significant ways. 

It helps in creating realistic images of products for use in online stores, social media platforms and different marketing collaterals. It also helps in developing visual branding of materials such as logos and advertising that is engaging and visually appealing. 

In addition, Generative AI video tools can also be useful for creating high-quality marketing videos and product demo videos that further help in increasing brand awareness and facilitating conversions. 

7. Marketing Automation

Generative AI helps in analyzing large amounts of data and also helps in identifying customer behaviour patterns for helping businesses find SEO-friendly, relevant, and high-performing keywords for digital marketing campaigns. 

It helps in building SEO content and discovering content topics, conducting keyword research, finding useful content titles, grouping search intent, and creating content structure.

8. Customer Services

The entire customer service process can be automated with the use of AI as conversational AI models have proven that they can effectively understand customer questions and respond to them quickly. 

Generative AI is also automating customer service tasks through chatbots and messaging apps that can provide service channels 24/7. Email automation provides quick responses to common customer questions and requests. 

Self-service portals that have also embedded Generative AI capabilities can offer personalized recommendations and solutions to customers based on their history. They offer multilingual support and localization while catering to a large cross-section of society. 

9. Cookieless Future

Cookieless marketing is the future as more and more platforms such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Apple are all removing third-party cookies. Marketing professionals may also feel that new limitations can remove the performance of targeted ads but Generative AI can help in this case also.

Generative AI helps significantly with code generation based on natural language input. The common benefits include saving software developers and programmers from laborious tasks such as code optimization, code completion, and bug detection that may otherwise require human intervention.

10. Sentiment Analysis

Generative AI helps in sentiment analysis by creating synthetic text data that can be labelled with different sentiments including positive, negative, or neutral. The synthetic data also helps in training deep learning models for analyzing real-world text data for the sentiment. 

In addition, Generative AI can also help in creating text that is designed to convey a specific sentiment including positive and negative social media posts that can shape public opinion for marketing campaigns. This method can also address the problem of data imbalance in sentiment analysis of user opinions in fields such as customer service. 

Generative AI and Human Expertise For Marketing

The future of marketing is all set to be influenced by Generative AI. With a wide capacity for analyzing huge amounts of data, creating engaging content, offering personalized user experiences, and streamlining repetitive tasks, the potential of AI for scale and efficiency is undeniable. 

With a growing reliance on AI, the human touch does not become entirely redundant. On the other hand, it becomes more important. As we have seen already, building trust, fostering strong connections, understanding contexts, and also ensuring ethical considerations are all human aspects that AI cannot replicate completely. 

Generative AI and Human Expertise For Marketing

AI may be a tool that generates content but it is the human marketer who guides the direction, provides creative insights, and also ensures the final output with the target audience. The balance between AI and human creativity and empathy is important for unlocking new levels of success in marketing. 

Some of the best practices for using Generative AI in marketing include using high-quality data, reviewing and refining content, updating AI models, considering ethical implications, and collaborating effortlessly. 

AI and Human Creativity Change Marketing

There is no doubt that the evolution of technology is making AI take on more roles across marketing while also fuelling more innovation and growth. To make sure that you can use the best of the capabilities of AI, you must first define your objectives and find the areas of a marketing strategy that you can possibly benefit from. 

AI and Human Creativity Change Marketing

You can also take some time to find Generative AI use cases that can improve the efficiency of your marketing programs. Finally, use quality data inputs as AI depends on them for generating important insights and precise predictions. Make sure that you begin with small projects and keep iterating as you learn more about using AI. 

The key to iterating is by starting small, iterating and improving. With this approach, you will be able to gain the most out of AI in marketing. 

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