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February 10, 2020

Zoho Creator is a low-code app development platform that enables you to build custom, mobile-ready apps. You can create your own applications to automate workflows, in-house processes, and manage databases. Zoho Creator App Development delivers a first of its kind drag-n-drop interface to generate tables, forms, design, schedule workflows, and run an assortment of automated tasks. It’s powerful tools for data collection, management, analysis, reporting, and collaboration make it a smart choice for organizations of varying sizes to run their business online without investing any additional costs for infrastructure or software.

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 “More than 65% of application development activities will be executed by Low-code application development, by 2024”, according to Gartner.

Quite a number of businesses have already started to realize the potential of Zoho Creator and successfully implementing its power to embark on their digital transformation journey.

Build Custom Apps with Advanced Features of Zoho Creator

zoho creator implementation

With over 10 years of experience in low-code app development, Zoho Creator enables everyone to build apps without any prior experience in coding. So, if you want to leverage this low-code development platform for building Custom Apps, it’s important to know about the following features:

1. Visual Modeling

visual modeling

The visual modeling interface allows you to view how your application will look when it is built. These visual models are easier to understand than any other traditional coding language, which allows non-developers to take hold of application design quickly. This scenario helps business users to try something unique, as they always have a sense of what they are creating.

2. Drag and Drop Configuration

zoho creator functionality

Zoho Creator comes with a simple drag and drop interface that helps the users and developers to create applications visually, which results in faster deployment. This feature is the most prominent one as a low-code platform and something that is actually helpful to build apps without hiring a professional developer. It lets you manage code easily through visual models.

3. Security

zoho security

Zoho Creator presents all the necessary features that make your apps safer. Customers won’t find it appealing if the application isn’t reliable, regardless of how useful or aesthetically pleasant it may be. When managing critical data, you can’t take a risk to use something that can probably give access to hackers. Zoho platform has all the necessary security framework certifications and proven experience of a decade in large-scale projects. Its built-in security features make this safer and dependable solution for internal processes in industries that handle sensitive data assets.

4. Multi-Device Deployment

multi-device deployment

Creating an app with multichannel compatibility lets your employees access it any time and from anywhere in the world. Zoho Creator Certified Developer will build an app once, and it will be handy on any device. Cross-functionality is vital since not all of your users work on the same device or platform. And with low-code app development, you don’t need to code for every single platform and operating system once you have created an app.

5. Scalability

zoho scalibility

Another important feature of Zoho Creator that is worth noticing is scalability. The applications built on it allow you to add more users, with the growth of your organization. It gets difficult to manage and control the access of each person when there are a large number of employees in your company.  Zoho Creator makes this easy for you by enabling you to monitor access of users based on their job roles.

In addition to this, you can control what end users can perform at both broad and minor levels. You can authorize whether the user is an administrator, an expert user, or an end-user, and consign roles and permissions based on the employees’ designation in your company.

Benefits of Implementing Zoho Creator Apps

zoho creator benefits

It can be confusing for a business to identify whether they need a custom app for their business, or they can pick any random one from the ready-made lot. Zoho Creator Consultant will help you understand how this low-code app development platform is beneficial to business users who want to create an application and developers who are looking for a faster development method.

Here are a few benefits of using Zoho Creator apps in your organization:

  • Faster Development
  • Improved Productivity
  • Risk Management
  • Flexibility
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Mobility
  • Task Automation
  • Apps Integration
  • Smooth Data Flow
Manage Your Business Easily With Zoho Creator

streamlining with zoho creator

In this hastily evolving business world, whether your business will rise or turn down depends on how capably you recognize and respond to digital modernization prospects than your competitors.

Low-code platforms are transforming the way applications are developed, and Zoho Creator has elevated as a key software delivery platform in recent years. It is actually expensive to hire professional resources to develop business apps constantly in conventional coding languages.

Zoho Creator helps you build custom apps to run your entire business; from daily tasks to compound process automation, you can do everything with this multi-platform app builder. You can create a customized one to match your business profile, or you can get started with a ready-made one. If you pick a ready-made one, you can easily install and customize a specific app from the App Deck of 50+ ready-to-use business apps. From managing administration to sales and marketing to distribution, you’ll find pre-built solutions that cater to every part of your business.


If you are trying to build an app for your organizational processes, you can start by choosing the right platform having the exact features that you need to create a customized application for your organization. As a low-code app development platform, Zoho Creator empowers every user with the least technical expertise to create, edit, and run their automated processes. It was also marked as a Challenger in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) in 2019. And its insightful interface and ready-to-deploy code models make it easy for anyone to supervise the processes that matter most.

Zoho Creator helps the organization to embrace the digital world and enhance the approach of how they handle their business. Clear your thoughts about the platform by contacting a Zoho Consulting expert today!

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