7 Benefits of Implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud

March 18, 2020

Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud - Encaptechno

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, previously known as Demandware, is a user-friendly and seamless e-Commerce platform that is built with a clear purpose to help a business grow its brand, explore concealed or unknown business opportunities, and convert more customers in simple and efficient ways.

This cloud-based platform is essential for every success-oriented business that is seeking to create integrated and intelligent buying experiences across various channels for its customers by using the finest of B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a suite of features intended to transform the way brands connect with their customers at all stages of the customer’s journey. In addition to this, Commerce Cloud makes a smooth conversion from one channel to another, so every business is supported across every platform and phase of engagement.

With all the transitions in consumer buying behavior and the technology, this type of Omni channel omission gives a seller enhanced control from discovering through engagement, transactions, analytics, customer service, relationship building, and community development.

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  • Why Choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud?
  • What Does Salesforce Commerce Cloud Do?
  • Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Conclusion

Why Choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud makes shopping enjoyable, interactive, engaging, and customized on every digital medium via the mobile, web, and social — and even re-invent the in-store experiences of customers. It is done by coordinating order management, online store, predictive intelligence, and mobile point-of-sale (POS).

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is distinguished by a multi-occupant architecture that provides a huge boost to the safety and reliability concerns of the platform. The three service categories of this seamless platform that are intelligence, experience, and operations; work cordially to power all stages of cross-channel commerce.

The intelligence aspect is the accurate selection for providing pertinent insights and directing business decisions based on data. Alternatively, the experience presents tools to users for managing their content, products, pricing, and promotions that consecutively translates to better customer engagement. The components of operations let the users link back offices with order execution by providing the necessary critical functionalities to multiple channels.

What Does Salesforce Commerce Cloud Do?

Salesforce commerce cloud is not only a medium to run online business effortlessly, but it is also an inclusive and future-rich cloud-based e-commerce platform that encourages businesses to make intelligent and stimulating shopping experiences for customers across all channels such as mobile, web, store, social, etc.

In a wider manner, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides a set of powerful qualities that allow a business to connect with buyers or prospective customers at each stage of the sales process and provide them excellent support across all channels. As the buyer’s behavior is getting complex with each passing day, organizations need omnichannel insights to thoroughly find out and analyze users’ behavior, engagement across multiple channels.

What distinguishes the Salesforce commerce cloud from other cloud-based e-commerce platforms is its integral predictive intelligence. Salesforce’s Einstein AI is one of the most advanced built-in predictive intelligence systems that assist in providing unmatched shopping experience by gathering and delivering you smart insights on customers’ behavior, buying patterns, and recognizing opportunities to sell across different unexploited channels.

Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Commerce Cloud Features

Here are some main features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Multi-Site management
  • Product management
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • Pre-built Integrations
  • Catalog management
  • Campaigns management
  • In-store extensions
  • Customer catalog entitlements
  • Comprehensive development platform
  • Customer and segment-specific pricing
  • Customer segmentation
  • Targeted promotion management
  • Native targeting and A/B testing
  • Marketing and merchandising tools

Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Commerce Cloud Benefits

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud brings you an array of some especially valuable benefits that are:

1. Intelligence

Your assets of data are only helpful if you know how to read and interpret it to make decisions based on your discoveries. The more a business grows, there will be more data that you need to dig and manage. By the time businesses have managed to analyze the data they have, they no longer miss any relevant opportunities and have succeeded in instant decision-making.

There are 3rd party AI tools that can help with data analysis to integrate with your business in analyzing and automating digital marketing efforts.

‍2. Predictive Intelligence

To enlarge the implementation of artificial intelligence of the platform for e-commerce businesses, Salesforce built Einstein AI, a next-generation artificial intelligence platform that eliminates the need for third-party extensions and manual data analysis.

Previously, merchants needed to use third-party integrations to replicate new attributes and manage different activities on the platform. These integrations are strongly connected with each other, and the failure of one extension can also direct to the performance of others.

The key features of the Einstein artificial intelligence system –

  •       Suggest the best products at all touchpoints
  •       Create 1:1 predictions for every single buyer in real-time
  •       Get smart and improve conversions with data-driven commerce insights
  •       Save time and effort with automated trading tasks

The close personalization provided by Commerce Cloud is vital for brands that want to remain competitive. Today more than ever, customers are expecting more personalization.

According to research by Accenture and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), 63% of consumers surveyed are concerned about personalized recommendations, and the majority of them are ready to share their data in substitute of benefits like automatic credits for coupons and loyalty points (64% of surveyed customers), exclusive deals (60%), gain points and rewards (56%), or special offers for items of their interest (53%).

Einstein and Commerce Cloud can bring all those things automatically. By providing a smarter predictive and customized experience, businesses can rely on Commerce Cloud to increase customer loyalty and raise conversions.

Adding to this integrated buying experience, Commerce Cloud makes it easy for customers to click “buy” from anywhere, either from the social media platform, mobile, web, or in your store.

‍3. Enhanced Marketing Tools

Within the boundaries of Commerce Cloud, merchants can manage and share product information, images, and content among various catalogs, categories, and sites. You can even merge all these things across numerous sites, with different currencies, and in several languages.

It makes it possible for you to connect customers with the right product, variety, price, offer, and content at the correct time to maximize conversion rates and boost average order value.

Eventually, retailers, Product marketers, and content creators are empowered to run the business, launch campaigns, refresh repeatedly, drive promotions, start A/B tests to optimize conversions without technical support.‍

You can even manage customer searches and increase conversions by using merchant policies that alter customer’s search intentions and the productivity of your products. Combining it with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you get a one-stop solution for managing everything from paid advertising and email marketing campaigns to social media management and reporting for every touchpoint and experience with your business.

4. Internationalization of Storefronts

Only with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, organizations are able to manage many storefronts at different locations across the world from a sole back-end platform. ‍

By leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud for your e-commerce store, you can easily manage product data sets for different stores without any obstructions and also manage multiple intricacies like billing, pricing, product availability, etc.

Salesforce is one of the first commerce solutions that completely support Apple Pay online, providing customers a smooth single-page checkout that lets them complete their transactions with a single touch.

5. Rich Mobile Experience

It is an open fact that the number of users shopping via smartphones is increasing exceedingly. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly or better say mobile-intuitive e-commerce store is the need of the today. Moreover, Google has already built mobile-first indexing, mobile responsiveness, and page load speed crucial ranking factors.

To make your business stand out in the crowd of competitors, you should need a mobile-friendly e-commerce store. Probably the biggest benefit of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud is that it gives great importance to the mobile-first approach. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is all about delivering the best possible shopping experience for mobile users.

From the time of sale in brick-and-mortar businesses to maintaining the online store, Commerce Cloud acquires a mobile-first approach. Everything from reporting to inventory management is made effortless and easier with mobile.

6. Omni-Channel Functionalities

There is one key feature on which the Salesforce Commerce Cloud has put deep emphasis, which is empowering retailers to manage their business over multiple channels from a single platform.

Retailers can streamline multiple processes like sales, order management, inventory management, marketing campaigns, conversions, etc. at a single SaaS solution. Not only it provides flexibility to retailers but also Omni-channel functionalities that save a lot of their valuable time and efforts.

7. First-Class Customer Support

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides around-the-clock and continuous support to all its merchants and makes sure their business runs flawlessly and thrives promptly 24/7. Moreover, the support offered by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud covers complete issues varying from fixing codes to improving security concerns, and the list continues more.


Overall, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a very powerful and scalable eCommerce platform with lots of native features for merchandising, multiple store management, customer segmentation, internationalization, and many more. This platform is generally adopted by fashion and lifestyle brands with its superior features such as advanced merchandising, endless aisle, point-of-sale (POS), internationalization features, machine learning across main areas, and verified cloud-based solutions.

The decision to select Salesforce Commerce Cloud completely depends upon your business profile, your priorities, the quantity of freedom and personalization you require, and how agile you desire your platform to be. If you find yourself unable to manage your own infrastructure and need a robust platform, then Salesforce Commerce Cloud will be a smart choice for you.

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