Zoho One: Your All-in-One Business Management Software

August 22, 2023

Business management software is a tool that comprises different modules for running a business from end to end. It helps with sales, marketing, analytics, productivity, HR, employee management, collaboration, back-office tasks, and also document storage needs. 

Zoho One Your All-in-One Business Management Software

The modules do not have to be siloed but they can actually be used for carrying the context forward while transitioning from one process to the next. Now the thing is that it is of absolute importance to choose a business management software correctly. 

While using a unified business management software, you are actually choosing a platform that can be used as a source of productivity and convenience. In case you are a business with multiple employees that work in silos but also collaborate then business management software can be used for simplifying the process of working on specific and group projects.

Zoho One for example is one of the best business management software that is used by over 50,000 organizations. It is safe to say that it is the only business management software that a business may ever need. In this blog, we will understand why that is but before that, let us first get to the basics of what is business management software.

Why Use a Business Management Software?

Business management software can actually be used for empowering employees with tools needed for working easily and effectively. Good quality business management software must always include productivity tools, communication tools, collaboration tools, project management tools, asset management tools, office management tools, end-to-end business tools, etc.

The on-premise and cloud options exist simultaneously for business management software. Based on the size of a business, you are allowed to choose any one option. A cloud-based business management software can be used for small businesses and it comes with simple navigation, self-learning materials, customization options, customer support, reliability, integration compatibility, etc.

If you are tired of running your business on complex and disjointed solutions that take your energy and time away then Zoho One can be the right solution. It is an operating system for businesses that ensures that all business processes run like clockwork. If you stay focused on your goals then the implementation of Zoho One will ensure that you achieve them.

Zoho One is a journey of over 15 years in the making. It was launched with 35+ apps – both mobile and web but today it has reached over 45 apps and services. It is best to say that Zoho One is an operating system that continues to add value by way of apps, services, and platform extensions at an affordable cost. 

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What is Zoho One and How Can It Help Your Business?

Zoho One is a collection of over 45+ unified and cloud business applications that create complete business management software. It can often go above and beyond business management software and work as an operating system for a business. 

Zoho One has the potential to work very well for small, medium, and even mid-market enterprises. It is best to describe it as a comprehensive cloud-based business management software. You can use Zoho One for seeing important business metrics at just one glance, for working on the cloud, managing overall operations, and restricting or allowing access to users and permissions as needed.

There are some unique features of Zoho One that all businesses should know. We will mention them below one by one. 

1. Artificial Intelligence

Zoho One comes with an AI assistant called Zia that can help the sales team with predictive sales and searching for things such as a customer or a conversation with an employee in full context. Zia can be used for automating frequently repeated workflows, ensuring correct grammatical suggestions while writing, and providing translation services. Businesses can also embed the Zia bots and show recommended products on their websites.

2. Business Intelligence

Zoho One helps in generating reports easily, finding problems in sales and support, analyzing common trends, and generating valuable insights from spreadsheets with Zia’s business intelligence.

3. Integrate, Extend, and Create Apps

Using Zoho One, you can integrate and customize applications for enhancing the functionality of existing applications. You can also establish specific connections with other apps that are suitable for a business and create applications for making a specific functionality available. 

4. Unified Messaging

Zoho One has an internal chat software that can ensure easy communication within an organization. Its use can be improved when the chat becomes accessible across any kind of application in the company management system as in Zoho One. You can effectively communicate, create groups, and even solve problems in real-time without depending on email completely. You can plan, communicate, and execute just what you need to at the right time.

5. Telephony

The phone systems being used for external calling can be effectively integrated with Zoho One using PhoneBridge. This gives your teams a click-to-call function, important contextual information, and much more.

6. Single Sign-On and Access Management

It is possible to give access to multiple users and also define their roles and permissions just as you wish. You can appoint a central administrator who is in charge of adding employees and giving them permissions. A single sign-on can be helpful to users for using their credentials for all applications. 

7. Deployment and Migration

Zoho One is a cloud-based platform that offers you wide freedom of using the solution completely without ever needing to consider security issues or maintenance problems. It comes with back-end installations, updates, setups, and repairs that can be taken care of properly. Zoho One can also be deployed on MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android platforms. The training material and access to the implementation partners as needed are also offered easily. You can effectively migrate from other software while importing your data easily.

What is Zoho One and How Can It Help Your Business

Zoho One Is Much More Than a BMS

Zoho One works in ways that effectively retrieve all the data, documents, and contacts and this is exactly where a unified user interface is helpful. Other than just being context-aware, this helps in saving a lot of time because the data that is needed is already available when you want it. 

With the use of Zoho One, you can effectively switch between applications without losing any context. There are never any significant concerns about data breaches even with high privacy levels and security. You can also experience better employee management along with talent and workforce management and chats can be easily integrated into each app which helps employees communicate better without losing sight of important work.

App applications under Zoho One are pretty consistent in their approach when it comes to usability and design. What this means is that the learning curve is decreased and different functionalities can be used from other applications so that the data flows smoothly wherever it is needed. You can cover the all scenarios of functions that a business can possibly need as a prerequisite with Zoho One.

Zoho One helps to complete the below-mentioned things. 

1. Sales

Zoho One helps in selling across channels by using CRM, email, and social media. You can effectively access everything on mobile devices and carry out your business activities on the go. Star by defining your sales processes, using business intelligence for convenience, creating quotes, estimates, sales orders, and invoices, and you can also enable digital signatures.

2. Marketing

Zoho One can be used for optimizing both online and offline marketing campaigns. You can effectively get access to a website builder using Zoho One. It also enables improved A/B testing, visual analytics, email marketing, custom website forms, surveys, live chat, live online events, office suite, marketing automation, team messaging, project management, etc.

3. Support

It is possible to create multi-channel support for interacting with your customers and addressing their needs effectively. Zoho One helps in improving your support operations by using email, social media, live chat, self-service portals, remote assistance, process automation, phone, business intelligence, customer happiness, artificial intelligence, CRM, and team communication platforms. 

4. HR

The human resources-based applications help in filing job openings, resume parsing, carrying out interviews, sending offer letters, onboarding new employees, creating company-wide policies, tracking in and out timings, and managing time off. In addition, you can also create a collaborative office culture with a cloud office suite and a social network which helps in ensuring a good employee experience overall. Starting from finding new talent to scheduling interviews and onboarding successful candidates, Zoho’s HR management tools bring better results to an organization.

5. Accounting

Zoho One helps in getting seamless access to financial reporting tools, connecting bank accounts, tracking assets and liabilities, creating estimates and invoices, collecting payments, etc. In addition, it also helps in tracking payables and expenses, managing purchase orders, tracking the work performance of employees by geo-tracking, managing expenses, allowing time tracking for project-based employees, and managing recurring subscriptions. Starting from invoicing to order management and accounting, you can get your company’s financial processes organized with Zoho One.

Zoho One Is Much More Than a BMS

6. Operations

Zoho One offers applications that help in managing orders, performing multi-channel selling, managing warehouses, and accessing project-based billing with operation applications. The applications also help in enjoying better resource utilization, and project management in agile, waterfall, and task boards. The applications can give your customers better access to the client portal, online store, and subscription-wise billing. Moreover, you can create custom applications as well. 

7. Productivity

Zoho One helps in boosting business productivity by allowing the team with an office suite of writing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. It also offers digital signature, note-taking features, and password storage.

8. BI/Analytics

Zoho One offers applications that can draw purposeful and actionable insights from business data using effective business intelligence and analytics tools. You can create attractive visualizations and auto-generate reports from the data.

9. Collaboration

Zoho One offers applications that help in better project collaboration, assigning tasks, discussing ideas, and hosting company-wide meetings. You can also work on shared documents, team upskilling and training programs, online conferences, and remote working tools.

10. Communication

Communication is one of the most important pillars of effective business management. Be it communication between teams, within teams, or with customers, the right set of tools makes it possible to communicate effectively. Zoho One comes with capabilities that help in consistently staying in touch and communicating with the team members with integrated chat and emails. 

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What Makes Zoho One The Best Business Management Software?

Zoho One is a good business management software because of the below-mentioned highlights. 

  • You can effectively store all your data in Zoho’s data centers which then ensures complete privacy and security. 
  • Zoho One also allows full-stack ownership of the platform, applications, and many services. 
  • Zoho One helps in saving more time because it helps in onboarding easily, driving business operations, fostering better company culture, collecting business insights, and automating business processes.
  • Zoho One helps in adding more functionalities by integrating with the preferred third-party applications with the use of Zoho Marketplace.
  • By using Zoho One, you can ensure no disruption in business operations with a proven uptime of over 99.99%.


Zoho One checks all of the boxes as an important and multi-level operating system for running a business. It is much more than business management software because it allows you to scale up your business while also giving you better avenues to run all possible business operations.

In case you haven’t already then you must switch to Zoho One so that you can help your business realize its complete potential. Get in touch with expert Zoho Consultants at Encapechno who can help you level up your business with the implementation of Zoho One at the earliest.

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