What Is Salesforce Sales Cloud And What Are Its Benefits?

September 14, 2020

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud - Encaptechno

Salesforce is known as one of the most popular and top cloud-based software application providers all over the international market. It is a CRM solution that is designed for facilitating streamlined sales and marketing services. Implementation of the Salesforce cloud has the capability to redefine the way in which businesses connect with customers and create a much more meaningful relationship.

The impressive success of Salesforce can be attributed to numerous benefits and resources that Salesforce offers for its users. There are many advantages of using the sales cloud and the extensive resources that it offers. Although different organizations might find some benefits more useful than others, there are some major advantages of Salesforce that make it one of the best CRM software applications.

In this blog, we will have a look at what is Salesforce sales cloud and what are its benefits to understand all about this CRM in comprehensive detail.

Salesforce and its importance:

Salesforce Sales Cloud Benefits

For anyone who is used to working with a CRM platform, it is easy to understand that imagining a world without it is very difficult. In case you are a person who loves organization and structure, one of the best advantages that a CRM software application like salesforce sales cloud offers is that it helps in keeping everything linked. While managing customer relationships, one can handle the data, metrics, notes, and more, while keeping all of it in one place.

Additionally, a CRM platform also helps companies to target different audiences, set scores and important alerts based on an individual lead, maintain a certain level of proactivity with contacts, and manage relationships. Most importantly, CRM can be utilized across different departments for ensuring that all customer-facing teams get empowered with the correct data to create a remarkable customer experience.

CRM platforms like sales cloud offer a wide range of benefits. Although these benefits might vary with an ever-different department or industry, some of the most important ones are listed below.

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud:


1. Reliable Reporting: Data is an extremely important part of a business and organizations can get it from a number of resources such as business software applications, CRM technology, social media tools, analytics tools, etc. However, just availing the data is not enough because until the data is not sorted, cleaned, analyzed, and made actionable, there is no point in that data.

In the present world, almost all companies rely on social media to assess their performance. The metrics on social media platforms are used to understand the popularity of a brand. Yet another business tool that companies use is Google Analytics for monitoring the website traffic. However, one cannot rely on these tools alone.

Sales cloud enables you to go much deeper with all the data and metrics including the ones from other sources is a lot more helpful in this case. When a company is dedicated to maintaining clean data or just keeping it free from errors, the CRM software helps in collating, tabulating, and organizing the data properly, which then becomes much easier to interpret because of all the features. This benefit of Salesforce cloud shines as one of the most important ones as it leads to availing so many other benefits that become available once this data is available for use.

A clear advantage that CRM platforms have is that they enable organizations to keep a tab on who interacts with their company and how. For example: filling a lead on a form successfully after coming across an ad on social media. One can also run reports to see opportunities, interaction with leads and customers, sales trends, customer service efforts, and a lot more.

The best CRM systems like Salesforce however can tell you a lot more than just where the lead has come from. They can show you exactly what your audience clicks when a marketing message is sent to them, how many times a customer opens an email, how often does a customer have conversations with the sales team and what do they need when they contact customer service and more.

During the implementation of a Salesforce, a salesforce consultant will make it very clear that reports are one of the most reliable benefits of CRM platforms, particularly when enhanced by AI. They will also tell you to use actionable data for effective communication with the current audience while easily reaching out to the audience who might have shown interest in the past. These reports guide a person through the decision-making process and also make it invaluable.

2. Dashboards: Using a spreadsheet for managing your company means inputting or importing the data manually, figuring out what is important, and creating a graphical representation of data. CRM solution does most of this for you. After getting a successful implementation of the Salesforce cloud done by a salesforce consultant, one of the best benefits that can be taken is that of the dashboard.

One can set up a dashboard for every individual in the company who has login credentials for the CRM platform. For instance, the digital marketing head of a company might be interested in email marketing and social media metrics through the click-through rates of every campaign.

He/she can set up a dashboard that effectively displays how many people have received an email marketing, how many opened it, what was the click-through rate, and more. A sales director, however, would wish to know how many calls are made per hour and how many calls out of those eventually resulted in a positive action such as a future meeting or a demo. Dashboards allow the users to see the data that is important to workflows without digging, sifting, sorting, or running a report.

3. Personalized outreach with automation: The continuous capture of data-driven by audience activities can be used to create relevant and personalized messaging outreach in both the manual and automated campaigns. This is a big benefit of dynamic content and automated messaging. One can put people with similarities in different campaigns.

This ability is like an added benefit of the salesforce cloud and lets you set up a series of automated emails that can effectively speak to the audience specifically.

4. Prompt service: Similarly, the data in the salesforce cloud can be used to automate more personalized and targeted outreach throughout the marketing funnel. It can enhance the efforts of a sales team outreach while improving the customer service’s ability to assist customers.

When a sales team comes with the knowledge of what interests a customer, either they or a customer support representative can meet and solve the customer needs proactively. This is one of the best advantages of a customer services team.

With a relevant amount of data available in the dashboards, there is no further need to dig deep into the information because a representative can get right down to what matters. This will save everyone’s time while making the potential for customers to feel important when the sales and customer service is proactive and knowledgeable. Additionally, it can also improve the bottom line with high customer satisfaction and reduced time to resolution.

5. Improved efficiency due to automation: Automation is an important benefit of the Sales cloud because it helps the users substantially. It cuts down the time it usually takes to email and works on leads. It also converts more leads by prioritizing the potential leads. In addition, automation helps in handling simple customer questions such as an order status with chatbots and automated messaging effectively.

Marketing teams can spend a lot more time creating campaigns that resonate better with their audience, analyzing data, and testing different strategies based on the analytics. On another hand, the sales team can focus on selling the right product and services to the present and the targeted customers.

The customer service agents can dedicate their time to working out with the customers who have questions, solutions, or any complex needs. Eventually, an efficient company can serve its customers better, which is the greatest benefit of the sales cloud.

6. Effective collaboration: Salesforce sales cloud serves as a record of conversations, regular interactions, needs, important notes, and contact information. If it is cloud-based, it will always be up to date while enabling the teammates to easily look at the records for making decisions. In addition, some CRM platforms come with built-in collaboration tools that enable multiple people to work on either one file or follow the progress of a document like that of a sales quote.

Everyone who has access to the salesforce can effectively work with the help of shared records. For instance: when a salesperson speaks to a customer and learns more about them, all important details can be filled in easily in that person’s record or on their file. This helps in making sure that the rest of the team is working with the latest details and to their maximum capabilities. Marketing, customer service, and sales departments work together collaboratively instead of worrying about siloed information.


Almost all team members can gather insights or data while working together to offer exceptional service to customers. Furthermore, data can be organized and presented well by a CRM platform like salesforce cloud while leading to a better understanding of a customer. This eventually leads to better messaging and outreach, most of which can be done with automation, which further helps to offer better and more efficient customer service.

Moreover, the teams can collaborate more easily and reduce any chances of errors. Out of all the benefits of sales cloud, the utilization of data and technology for powering a more efficient company is one of the biggest. It helps in serving the customers more effectively while leading to a better business.

The team of Salesforce consultants from Encaptechno comes with a wide range of experience in offering exceptional implementation services. If you are looking forward to an effective salesforce cloud implementation then get in touch with Enacptechno.

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