What are the Advantages of Salesforce Over Other CRMs?

May 24, 2021

Customer focus and customer-oriented approach is an important aspect of creating a comprehensive ecosystem where the customer data can converge. Connecting significant business areas such as customer services, marketing, sales operations, and account management enables enterprises to get a holistic understanding of the customer while also managing customer relationships much better.

Customer relationship software can offer great benefits to companies. At the present time, many organizations all over the world understand the importance of CRM and implement this software for better productivity. However, with so many options available at one’s disposal, choosing a suitable CRM can seem overwhelming.

In this scenario, Salesforce emerges as one of the most widely chosen CRM adopted by many people and companies. This impressive level of success that is shown by Salesforce is a result of the many remarkable benefits and resources that it provides.

There are many Salesforce advantages that make this CRM a top choice for customers. In this blog, we will be mentioning some of the most common ones that make the implementation of Salesforce indispensable.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that enables companies and customers to come together. It is basically an integrated CRM solution that gives all the departments including the marketing, sales, technology, etc. a single share of each customer.

Salesforce actually began as a Software as a Service CRM company. However, today it provides various software solutions and a platform for the users to develop and distribute custom software applications. It comes with multi-tenant architecture and allows customers to share common technology that runs on the latest releases. One never has to worry about application or infrastructure upgrades because they happen automatically. The benefits of Salesforce help an organization focus on innovation rather than just managing technology.

How it All Started?

Much before Salesforce came into the picture, customer relationship management solutions were hosted on the server of a company. It took a lot of money and time for companies to have their own CRM solutions and even after setting up the solutions, the purpose was not fulfilled because the solutions were difficult to use.

Hence, building a cost-effective CRM software solution and delivering it online as a service became an evident solution. This was actually the main idea behind Salesforce which started as Software as a Service company. After considerable development, it has now grown into one of the largest software companies in the world.

Not long after the release of Salesforce, it became a hit because it was not merely a product at a fraction of cost; rather it was a software that solved many purposes all at once. Some of the cloud software solutions offered by Salesforce are Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Community Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, etc.

Advantages of Salesforce CRM

Advantages of Salesforce Over Other CRMs - Encaptechno

1. Collecting and Using Customer Information

One of the best and most important benefits of using Salesforce is the information that this software solution is capable of extracting, both in terms of quality and quantity. Getting in touch with the Salesforce implementation partner and actually adopting the solution will enable you to look at a substantial amount of information needed before getting in touch with a potential customer.

Now, there are a couple of reasons why this is considered as important. In the first place, it helps you in easily tracking information that is needed to keep your customer profiles organized. You can have all information that is considered useful at just one location and you can also look upon any lead that you want even when the leads are assigned to other representatives. This offers a holistic and complete approach to manage a business.

Moreover, with shared customer information, a company’s representatives can have better control over getting things done. They can also eliminate any possible gaps that a person can have in a customer support model. All in all, it becomes easy to manage and use important customer information with the help of Salesforce.

2. User-friendly


A standpoint that makes a software solution effective is the ability of that software to be user-friendly in nature. When it comes to Salesforce, this is particularly true and cannot be refuted. The CRM solution is designed in a way that even companies that do not have a technical background can use it for their benefit.

The benefits of Salesforce help many companies to reach their complete potential while being easy to use for even beginners. As a matter of fact, Salesforce is competent to meet and even exceed the user-friendliness quotient by offering its users a highly intuitive and simple user interface.

As opposed to many other CRM solutions, there is never any need to get increasingly involved in coding or pouring through information about different product updates. Rather, almost everything is served in an easy-to-understand format which is designed to reduce any problems and difficulties.

3. Scalable CRM Solution

Investing in a good quality CRM solution is actually like an investment. It should solve the business needs of the present and the future while assuring the businesses of better results. Salesforce does just that. Be it looking after a company’s present customer relationships or ensuring a strong customer base that can build in the coming years, Salesforce carries the capacity and ability to scale up.

All businesses have their own needs and this thing is valid for the customers of a business as well. Other than being scalable, Salesforce can also be customized to solve the unique needs of a business. Since most customers look for personalization while getting their needs solved and making important purchasing decisions, Salesforce plays an important role in solving that purpose.

As a matter of fact, Salesforce makes it possible for businesses to personalize the emails that get sent to customers. It takes the purchase history of almost every customer into consideration. With the assistance of Salesforce App Cloud, businesses can create and even run their personalized applications with ease.

4. Flexibility

Salesforce comes with a wide range of benefits for companies and businesses. One of the most important benefits that it offers is flexibility and customization. It integrates seamlessly with business models and is also able to offer a detailed report and analytics tailored to the specific needs of the users.

Furthermore, the benefits of Salesforce enable the companies to measure and monitor the success of marketing campaigns while also customizing the outreach efforts on a need basis requirement. This allows in creating a completely optimized system that has the ability to function on its own. The Salesforce Cloud system also means that employees can access the software from anywhere and at any time, allowing for increased flexibility.

Basically, the objects that are found in Salesforce can be set completely in line with a person’s desires at any time. As a user, you are never actually tied into a certain set of page layouts, workflow, and processes. This makes Salesforce way more flexible as compared to other systems that are present in the market.

5. User Resources

For offering ease of use and educating its customers on the excellent functionality, customization, and flexibility, Salesforce stands out as being one of the best CRM solutions. It provides many educational posts, webinars, and other informative materials on a spectrum of topics that can be published through a comprehensive web-accessible user guide.

The final goal of the varied resources that Salesforce offers lies in empowering customers with the ability to find quick solutions in different ways. Based on what customers might think is comfortable, they can choose a suitable solution because Salesforce does its best to present the solution in many different formats.

In addition to other style resources, Salesforce also employs a knowledgeable, remarkable, and customer-oriented tech service that helps the users in overcoming any difficult problem as and when it arises.

6. Functionality and Integration

Functionality and Integration

Salesforce that offers great services needed to enable quick and easy data collaboration with multiple departments. It also offers centralized customer information, an array of reports, statistical options, and the ability to run on any browser, desktop, mobile device, etc.

In addition, Salesforce also delivers dependable data security and protection which ensures that sensitive information does not get compromised. It offers employers all the resources that are needed for enhanced business efficiency and productivity. Customers can also benefit from better customer service.

7. Time Management

Time Management

With a comprehensive range of customer information available and a wide range of planning resources at a user’s disposal, one gets the benefit of remarkable time management with the implementation of Salesforce. You can have all the information that is needed to prioritize work for the customers, and this means that you can also organize tasks for different accounts based on the same criteria.

Along with this, the built-in calendar tools can also be used for better visualization of the schedule for the approaching days, months, years. This means that you can constantly stay on the ball all through the steps while nurturing a potential lead.

8. Comprehensive CRM Solution

Comprehensive CRM Solution

With the help of CRM Salesforce, a customer can have almost everything in just one place. It is actually a software solution that is capable of fulfilling all the expectations of the customers and the organization as well. If the companies make the best use of Salesforce they can easily be successful in the long run.

In case a company wishes to grow and climb up the ladder of success then one shouldn’t waste time and consider the opportunity of acquiring this software for the company. When the team of a company will be able to facilitate work, develop and explore its full potential, it will become way easier to achieve great things.

Salesforce can be a remarkable CRM option for improving the commercial aspect of a business and lead the company’s sales and productivity. Hence, companies should approach an experienced Salesforce implementation partner as soon as possible to make the most out of the advantages that Salesforce is capable of offering.

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Salesforce is one of the most popular and highly favored CRM solutions that offer immense benefits to its users. It is a platform that has been evaluated by many users and continues to offer assured benefits. In case you have still not implemented a CRM solution then take that decision today to give your business a positive transformation.

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