Streamline Your Hiring Process with Zoho Recruit Automation and AI

April 12, 2022

Streamline Your Hiring Process with Zoho Recruit Automation and AI _ Encaptechno
The job market needs a scale up and efforts are being made consistently to do the needful. The positive trend of people looking for a job has set into motion a much more lucrative year for the recruiters when it comes to business, but also the satisfaction of putting people to work when it makes a difference.

During the COVID, many professionals had been displaced. However, today these professionals are able to apply for jobs that are relevant to their skill sets. This promises them a much better scope, both for the candidates to find their dream jobs and for the recruiters to be able to partake in a journey.

In case you are a recruiter or you dream of starting your entrepreneurial journey then working with a recruiting automation platform can be extremely helpful. This is the right time to start and starting an application such as Zoho Recruit is a great choice. 

In this blog, we will discuss how a person can streamline your hiring process with Zoho Recruit with automation and artificial intelligence. First, let us start by understanding what Zoho Recruit is in complete detail.

What is Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is a
recruiting automation platform that helps in quick and improved hiring processes. It is a cloud based applicant tracking system that is created to offer diverse and an end-to-end hiring solutions for the staffing agencies, temporary workforce, and corporate HRs. Using the intuitive remote hiring software such as Zoho Recruit, the hiring process can be made completely effortless.

Zoho Recruit also offers seamless integration for the hiring process. With Zoho Recruit, Zoho has come up with a tool that enhances the manner in which recruiters find, engage, and hire talent. There is a growing list of integrations that offers recruiting professionals all the freedom needed to work with the best tools and solutions for ultimately strengthening the recruitment platform.

Zoho Recruit for Staffing Agencies

Zoho Recruit for Staffing Agencies
Zoho Recruit is an
AI recruitment software and an enterprise ready platform that comes with a built in customer portal, resume processing tools and much more that ensures hiring processes are fool proof. It makes agency recruitment completely effortless.

  • The staffing agencies can source talent quickly by instantly searching candidates using powerful source boosters of Zoho Recruit.
  • Staffing agencies can maintain safe, compliant, and completely inclusive hiring practices with background screening functionality.
  • The agencies can also make informed hiring decisions on the basis of a comprehensive view of candidate status.
  • Job application process can be simplified by auto-filling information from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Staffing agencies can create a blueprint on the same page so that the recruitment process can become automated.
  • The resume templates can be tailored for the candidates using a company logo and more.

Zoho Recruit’s Corporate Recruiting Software

Zoho Recruit’s Corporate Recruiting Software
The hiring process is changed considerably with Zoho Recruit’s corporate HR software. This software streamlines the hiring process for corporations and SMBs with features that make ensure short filling time and longer employee retention. Custom made career pages can also be created and employee referral portals while including the HRMS and managing candidates.

  • Zoho Recruit helps in employee referral which further leverages the workforce as a sourcing extension.
  • Offer letters can be sent with ease using Zoho Recruit. They can be digitized creating templates for candidates to accept the job.
  • Zoho Recruit is an AI recruitment software that can be used to build an employer brand. You can extend the look and feel of a brand by customizing the Careers page with Zoho Recruit.
  • Zoho Recruit allows the corporate organizations to assess first and then interview. You can create pre-screening assessments to measure candidate skills.
  • The feature of effective territory management introduced by Zoho Recruit grants the users easy access based on the characteristics of accounts.
  • You can easily convert hires to employees with the Zoho People integration while converting a candidate’s status to employee seamlessly.

Zoho Recruit for Temporary Staffing

Zoho Recruit for Temporary Staffing
The jobs can be closed quickly using Zoho Workerly. This is a temporary staffing software that allows agencies to schedule jobs for temps, create and approve e-timesheets and also generate invoices within a single interface.

  • Zoho Workerly enables an easy and conflict-free scheduling method in just one place.
  • You can create and manage timesheets across various jobs.
  • You can generate invoices immediately when a job gets completed and get quick payments using Zoho Workerly.
  • The temp portal can be used to accept or reject a job or with an email or a text message.
  • You can update work, clock hours and send timesheets for review using the mobile application.
  • You can also view the job offers and see any upcoming, current, and completed projects.

Zoho Recruit for Hiring on the go

Zoho Recruit
allows the users to see the candidate profiles, schedule calls, interview candidates and do much more. Using the mobile application of Zoho Recruit, one can step away from work without stepping away from work.

  • Zoho Recruit allows effective planning of a workday. You can create, organize and prioritize effectively. The Recruit calendar helps in planning and tracking tasks while keeping your day on schedule.
  • You can instantly manage records effortlessly with Zoho Recruit. They can be added and managed while being on the road including Job Openings, Contact, Candidates, Interviews, Clients, and To-Dos.
  • Zoho Recruit also helps in scheduling interviews with ease. You can arrange interviews with the candidates in just a tap or two.
  • An excellent AI recruitment software, Zoho Recruit helps in updating job structure status right away. Candidates can be kept in the loop by changing a job opening status so that no one is guessing.
  • You can hold meetings with only a single tap. The Zoho Recruit mobile application helps in keeping up with the candidates, clients, and contacts. They are always just a call or a text away.
  • You can sort candidates quickly using Zoho Recruit. If you need to see which candidates are associated with a job opening or submitted to a client for a review then the data is always available at your fingertips.
  • The comments and communication can be tracked easily and from anywhere using candidate, client and contact modules.
  • After the configuration of your email account, the Mail Magnet is useful in scanning the inbox and keeping you notified about emails while performing quick actions.

Now that we have got an overview of how Zoho Recruit helps in streamlining the hiring process, let us discuss an example.

Understanding the Streamlining of Hiring Process with Zoho Recruit

Sanjay runs a staffing agency from the year 2019. After facing many challenges during the pandemic, he finally thinks that the companies are becoming stable now and wish to hire talented individuals. Sanjay knows that the traditional method of recruiting manually is not just time consuming and cumbersome but are not time and talent sensitive.

Recently, Sanjay was assured that he had been thinking right because he was approached for hiring multiple professionals for his new client. Different posts require a different set of skills and some also require certifications for performing tasks set by job description.

With multiple requisitions being open at the same time, Sanjay and his team knew that sourcing, screening, assessing, and choosing qualified candidates in the limited time frame is not possible. Using Zoho Recruit, Sanjay noticed an improved recruitment process. His journey with the AI-driven Zoho Recruit is:

  • Sanjay can easily add his brand information and the user roles using the customized access permission for individual employees.
  • Sanjay is using an ATS for the first time so he imports the data from all spreadsheets for managing the candidate database and client contact information.
  • Sanjay can add important information about job opportunities his clients have specified while assigning them to recruiters from his team. The team can then push the job requisitions on various job boards and vendor portals.
  • Using Zoho Services, Sanjay can be associated with the different recruiters and some clients can also have internal team leads that would like to refer candidates. For managing the job orders better, he can create a vendor portal where the best matching candidates can be submitted and stay updated on the status during the hiring process.
  • Sanjay’s clients create new job openings, send feedback for the candidates submitted, and take the interview decisions. This can shorten the feedback loop after the candidate interviews and enables Sanjay to cater to various clients at the same time.
  • After the client shortlists the candidates, Sanjay can schedule interviews based on the stage they are in the process. This differs from video interviews, live interviews, cognitive assessments, and much more. Using an AI recruitment software such as Zoho Recruit, time can be saved while scheduling interviews and eliminating redundant tasks, coordinating client schedules, and gathering post-interview feedback.
  • Sanjay can then set up a workflow to send customized emails for hiring candidates.

Staffing Agency Example

Rekha is running a staffing agency in India. She implemented Zoho Recruit because her present ATS does not cater to the language diversity she needs and also lacks important features. Her team also gets caught up in the completion of activities such as manual searching of candidates, sorting stacks of resumes, making calls and sending emails to set up screenings with candidates.

Rekha is completely aware that at the present time, even 24 hours can make the difference between landing or losing a top candidate. This is how Rekha set up the system.

  • Rekha can add her brand information and changes the preferred language to English on the ATS while customizing user roles and access permission for individual users.
  • Rekha can migrate from another ATS to Zoho Recruit so that the import of data can be easy from the previous workspace.
  • After Rekha imports the data on the basis of client requirements, she can add information about job opportunities and assign them to recruiters from her team.
  • All resumes that Rekha and her team received from various job integrations, social media, and careers go through a resume parser mapping powered by AI. This helps them to standardize and align parsed resume structure to a customized form for a seamless import of candidate profiles.
  • Rekha can use Zia after the candidate’s resume is parsed to generate a Match Score for seeing how good of a fit they might be for the job. Zia, the AI assistant of Zoho Recruit uses skillsets associated with the job for assessing requirements before fetching a list of candidates with matching skills and generating match scores.
  • Rekha can offer candidates a portal to apply, track applications, and receive prompt updates for improving the candidate experience and strengthening the employer brand.
  • The Advanced Recruit Analytics empowered using Zoho Analytics helps Rekha analyze Zoho Recruit data and create useful business intelligence reports and live dashboards. Using this integration, Rekha’s recruitment process is optimized and adjusted based on data. The resume parser mapping powered by AI and proprietary algorithms helps to standardize and align parsed resume structure supported by an organization.

The needs of all clients in a staffing agency cannot be presumed as one. Hence, a robust and user-friendly ecosystem can optimize recruiting process regardless of transitioning from a traditional hiring system or migrating from ATS. Zoho Recruit helps in decreasing the time and allowing to find the right candidates for each role.

Sanjay and Rekha had different needs but they were both able to customize Zoho Recruit and streamline their hiring process. With this AI recruitment software, Sanjay and Rekha’s team has more time for targeting potential clients.

Zoho Recruit also helps to form a strong online presence with multiple integrations. It helps extensively in managing relationships with customers. The tools and integrations can help in improving efficiency in sourcing, screening, onboarding, and hiring candidates without any sacrifice of quality of hire.

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